Liposuction for small waist

07th Nov 2016

Everybody these days wants to have the smallest waist possible with a larger behind and hips. There are different techniques that have developed that would create an hourglass shape with a better lower half of your body. For example, when we talk about the waist, we need to take into consideration multiple factors, for example, the fat above the muscle as well as any weakness in the abdominal wall. Depending on what you need, essentially we will need to use a specific procedure to accomplish your desired results. For example, if you have not had babies and you have excessive fat, the hourglass hip procedure will result in the shape that you desire. In this procedure, fat is harvested with liposuction to decrease the waist area, and the fat is transferred to the hip area to create a better hip to waist ratio. Now if you have had babies, an hourglass tummy tuck will be the solution for you. In this procedure, I perform liposuction on your waist, abdomen, upper and lower back and then a tightening of the muscle by performing a fat transfer to the hip at the same time for the ultimate pre-baby baby tummy tuck. You will never have a pre-baby tummy, but you are going to have an hourglass shape and a tighter abdomen that you are going to be proud of. Other things that we can do is to increase your breast size at the same time as we perform a lower body enhancement. By having a larger bust, your proportion will be significantly improved, resulting in a more accentuated hourglass shape, but breast alone would not provide you an hourglass shape. A combination of hourglass hip and hourglass tummy tuck with a breast surgery will do that. Also the hourglass buttock implant and the hourglass buttock augmentation with fat will provide you a nicer hourglass shape in the lower half of the body, with a nicer behind. Both of these procedures include the hip area, if there is enough fat to improve the lower half of the body. As you can see, there are many different procedures that I perform to create an hourglass shape. You will need to decide what are your priorities and what you want to have when it comes to improving your body and having an hourglass shape.

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