Liposuction-Lipo for an Hourglass Shape-Dr.Cortes Plastic Surgeon Houston-YouTube

18th Oct 2018

One of the main components of the hourglass shape is to harmonize the waist, hip, and thighs to create a nice curvature for an hourglass shape. Typically, combining all these areas into one beautiful aesthetic unit is achieved by providing fat transfer to the area of deficiency and liposuction in the areas of excess.
Liposuction of the outer thigh is an integral component. This does not mean de-bulking the area to the point that some of the curvature on the outer thigh is lost, but essentially to perform a very specific degree of liposuction in certain areas of the outer thigh and hip. Liposuction in these areas are necessary but conducted in a very controlled manner to achieve the hourglass shape.
Typically, first I inject in the hip area starting from the hipbone down to the outer thigh. Many times you would not realize the need for liposuction on the outer thigh until the fat is transferred to the hip area. Once the fat is transferred to the hip area, the skin is stretched significantly to its maximum projection, then liposuction on the outer edge of the hip area as well as on the thigh will be necessary to blend the newly formed hip with the outer thigh. In a sense, I use the same incision where I put the fat for fat transfer to perform light liposuction posteriorly on the hip area and inferiorly on the thigh area. This allows for a nice hourglass shape by blending the waist, hip, and the thigh into one aesthetic unit.

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