Liposuction myths

18th Oct 2018

At a worldwide level, liposuction is one or the second most commonly performed plastic surgery procedure (together with breast augmentation surgery). Unfortunately, it is also a procedure covered in myth and mystery, despite the abundant information you can find all over the internet or from different sources. However, to make an informed decision about undergoing this procedure, you need to be able to tell between reality and speculation.
The most common myths related to liposuction are:
1. Liposuction can successfully replace diet and physical exercise
Liposuction is not a weight loss method. We can’t say this often enough. Liposuction is an aesthetic intervention which will eliminate the fat localized in different areas of the body. During the procedure, the patient will lose a few pounds as a result of the fat removal. But by no means will an obese or overweight person return to a normal weight just by undergoing the procedure. Keep in mind there is a maximum amount of fat that can be eliminated in one liposuction session, and this is around 6 liters.
2. The fat deposits will be restored shortly after liposuction
The procedure removes the fat cells in the area targeted. This means they are permanently removed and won’t find their way back into the patient’s body. However, even if the fat cells don’t multiply again, they can still increase their volume. The fat cells that are still left in the area can become larger, giving the appearance of a new fat deposit. Until this happens, the patient will notice an accumulation of adipose tissue in the areas that have not been treated with the procedure. Maintaining a balanced diet and a regular exercise routine is essential for sustaining the results of the procedure for a long time.
3. Liposuction is a good treatment for cellulite
Cellulite is a skin condition. With liposuction, we target the fat deposit that is directly under the skin. When removing some of that fat, the aspect of the skin in the area can be affected, but it is not always for the better. There are cases when the cellulite effect will be diminished and improved when the skin retracts on the new contours of the area, but this is minor. There are also cases when, due to poor skin quality, the cellulite effect is made much more visible after a liposuction procedure.
Don’t believe everything you read online, especially when it comes from unverified sources. If you have questions, check with the plastic surgeon.

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