Liposuction of the Fupa

05th Aug 2016

I perform hundreds of tummy tuck revisions a year, and one of the main concerns I see from patients is about insufficient liposuction in the mons area. What is the mons? The mons essentially is the FUPA, the fat that accumulates above the vagina when you gain weight after pregnancy or for any reason. The problem is that the tummy tuck will give you a very flat abdomen, but the mons is not part of the abdomen, but a surrounding aesthetic unit. When you have a tummy tuck, your belly is going to be flat and your waist will be much smaller with liposuction, but without liposuction on the mons, you are going to have a significant bulge around the genitalia area. So, when you wear jeans or a bikini, there will be a bulge that is aesthetically not pleasant.

Performing a liposuction of the mons is essential to get a good tummy tuck result and also to improve your satisfaction after the surgery.

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