Liposuction versus breast reduction surgery to reduce the dimensions of the breasts

Liposuction versus breast reduction surgery to reduce the dimensions of the breasts

21st Apr 2017

Women have different reasons as to why they want to have a breast reduction. Some may be concerned about health risks, and there are also some who already have health problems because of it. On the other hand, there are also those who simply want a breast reduction for aesthetics purposes.

There are two ways to do a breast reduction. One is by doing a liposuction of the breast and the other is through surgical breast reduction. The large size of the breast is most likely caused by excess fat. This is why many find the liposuction procedure suitable. Others, on the other hand, go for the surgery because aside from the fat, they also need to have excess tissue and excess skin removed.

The breast reduction procedure via liposuction involves making only small incisions. These incisions give access to the cannula, which is used to suck the excess fat in the breast. This procedure leads to smaller scars that are not that obvious. Furthermore, the recovery from this type of procedure is also easier because there isn’t a huge incision that needs to be taken cared of.

Having said that, breast reduction through liposuction is usually suited for those who need minimal reduction only because it cannot significantly decrease the size of the breast. Additionally, it is only recommended when the breasts are not sagging. The reason being that when fat is sucked out of a sagging breast, it can actually cause more sagging to occur.

As for the breast reduction surgery, this procedure involves making an incision around the areola and a vertical one towards the base. This gives the surgeon better access to the breast. The benefit of a breast reduction surgery is that it is possible to remove the excess skin, fat, and tissue, whereas in a liposuction, it can only remove fat. For this reason, this is the method patients go for if they require a significant amount of reduction. With the larger incision, the surgeons can reshape and resize the breasts fully.

In addition, it is possible to do a breast lift along with a breast reduction if the surgical procedure is used. Since most who have large breasts also have sagging breast due to the weight of the breast, doing a breast lift along with the reduction is beneficial to them. It is also possible to move the nipple into a higher position to make the breast look even better. Aside from this, the areoala’s size can also be reduced. The breast lift, re-positioning of the nipple, as well as the reduction of the size of the areola – all these can’t be done by a simple liposuction.

Having said that, the surgical method has some negative sides to it. Because it is a major operation, the recuperation period will take longer than the liposuction procedure. Also, you will have a larger scar due to the operation. Moreover, there are more potential complications and risks since it is a major surgical procedure.

In order to lessen the risk of complications, it is important to work with a certified and experienced surgeon. They will be able to carefully do the procedure and properly instruct the patients on how to go about their recovery. With their help, patients can be satisfied with the results of a surgical breast reduction.


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