Location of the Scar After a Tummy Tuck ,

08th Feb 2017

One of the main concerns of patients undergoing a tummy tuck is the location of the scar. Traditionally, the location of the scar has always been marked low in the abdomen at the bikini line, where the surgeon starts the incision. Where the scar is ultimately located is related to the tone of your skin, determining how much it is stretched. As skin has some elasticity, it is not like chopping a piece of wood where the start and end point of the cut will be the same. The scar will shift to some extent, as the top part will be brought down and the lower part of the incision will be brought up. Both will meet in between once the incision is closed. Many times, patients think the belly button is too low or the scar is too high. The distance between the belly button and the lower part of the abdomen will decrease depending on your skin tone. If your skin tone is tight, the scar will rise higher. If the skin tone is looser, the scar will be lower. This is why patients cannot choose the exact location of the scar. Surgeons will generally mark it low in the abdomen, but ultimately it is your own skin that will determine the exact placement of your scar after surgery.

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