Lollipop vs. periareolar breast lift

Lollipop vs. periareolar breast lift

09th Oct 2017

Saggy breasts can be treated with a breast lifting procedure, which can restore the perkiness, tightness, and youthfulness of the breasts. The surgery can be used in combination with other plastic surgery procedures such as breast reduction surgery.

The breast lift is one of the commonly performed plastic surgeries in the US. Thanks to its popularity, we have witnessed a major progress in the approaches used to ensure better aesthetic outcomes. There are four major techniques that are currently used to perform breast lifting: the anchor lift, donut lift, lollipop lift, and the crescent lift.

The donut lift (also more popularly known as the Benelli lift) and the lollipop lift are commonly used when the patient has severe breast sagging that cannot be treated with a crescent lift. What approach may be used for you can be best determined by your plastic surgeon. The Benelli lift leaves behind smaller scars but cannot lift the breast drastically. On the other hand, the lollipop lift has been found effective for women who have very loose breasts. However, the scarring will be extensive.

Breast Lift or Mastopexy?

When the breasts become saggy and loose, they can make you appear older than you actually are. Additionally, loose breasts are not good for any body shape. This is the reason why patients are increasingly using the breast lifting surgery to treat loose breasts and restore their young, perky, and shapely breasts.

Breast lifting is an operation that reinstates the outline of the breasts apart from raising them. This helps give the breasts a better look. The breast lift procedure can be used in combination with other plastic surgeries like breast augmentation and breast reduction, if advised by your surgeon.

Breast Lift Techniques

While all of the breast lifting approaches will provide you raised and tighter breasts, there exist a number of techniques to execute the surgery. What technique will exactly be used for your breasts depends on the extent of breast sagging and other associated factors. At present, four major breast-lifting techniques are being used:

Anchor Lift: The anchor lift is a highly invasive breast lift technique that involves the placement of three incisions on your breast. The first incision is placed around the areola, the second parallel to the breast crinkle, and the third runs steeply from the areola to the breast crinkle. This technique is used when the patient has excessive breast sagging and badly shaped breasts. The anchor lift leaves behind major scars.

– Donut Lift: Also known as the Benelli lift, this technique is used to treat mild to moderate breast sagging. It involves the placement of an incision around the areola. There is also a chance that the size of the areola will be decreased. In some cases, the use of breast implants may be required. This technique is relatively less invasive.

– Lollipop Lift: This technique involves the placement of an incision around the areola and another one vertically up from the areola to the inframammary crease. Your surgeon may employ this technique if the Benelli lift is not feasible for you.

– Crescent Lift: This technique is used in situations where minor breast lifting is required. It involves the placement of a crescent-shaped incision on the uppermost area of the areola. In some cases, suturing of the tissue may be required to lift the breasts.

Lollipop vs. Benelli Lift

For patients who have moderate breast sagging, the lollipop lift and the Benelli lift are the preferred choices. There is always a possibility that your plastic surgeon may recommend you a different technique. The choice of incision type also depends on your aesthetic goals and expectations.

There are some people who prefer the Benelli lift due to its minimal scarring. However, this technique does not lift the breast substantially. Whether or not this technique will be used depends on the extent of droopiness in your breasts. For some patients a minor breast lift is sufficient, whereas others seek a complete lift with no care for the extent or profundity of the resulting scars.

The resulting scars will gradually heal over time. They can also be hidden under the bikini top. Majority of plastic surgeons recommend patients the lollipop lift because it delivers relatively effective results.


The breast lift is an effective plastic surgery procedure to treat saggy, loose breasts. The procedure enhances the look of the breasts, making them appear raised, tight, perky and shapely. The breast lift surgery can be conducted together with a breast reduction and breast augmentation.

Currently, there exist four key techniques to perform the breast lift procedure: the anchor lift, Benelli (donut) lift, lollipop lift, and crescent lift. Each of these incisions come with pros and cons. The Benelli lift and lollipop lift are the most common approaches for breast lifting. They have the potential to treat different extents of breast sagginess.

What technique would be used in your case depends on your aesthetic goals, extent of breast sagginess, and your surgeon’s preferences. Each incision will leave behind different levels of scars; however, the techniques that can effectively lift the breasts leave behind more scarring, whereas those that mildly lift the breast leave behind less visible scars. This is the reason many surgeons prefer to choose the technique that can leave behind the least scarring and deliver moderate, if not a complete, breast lift.

The Benelli lift has been found to leave behind less visible scars than the lollipop lift; however, the lift is only mild. Most surgeons use the lollipop lift, as it lifts the breasts moderately and also leaves behind less visible scars. Thankfully, the scars will fade and become less visible over time.

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