How long does it take to get a breast augmentation?

How long does it take to get a breast augmentation?

20th Jul 2017

How long does it take to get a breast augmentation?


If you are looking for a way to get bigger and fuller breasts, then breast augmentation surgery using silicone implants might be the best operative plan for you. This procedure, also called augmentation mammoplasty, uses silicone implants more often to enhance the appearance of the breasts and to improve their form.

Big breasts have been a symbol of feminine beauty for centuries, and this is the primary reason why women from all over the world want to enlarge their breasts by going under the knife for a breast augmentation procedure. It is true that in the past there was controversy related to breast augmentation with silicone implants, but the studies showed that there is no relation between the operation and the development of breast cancer or other auto immune diseases. Nowadays, breast augmentation is one of the most requested procedures performed by plastic surgeons around the world.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the breast augmentation intervention:

Frequently asked questions about silicone implants:

1. What types of candidates can undergo breast augmentation with implants surgery?

The procedure is open to all the women who want to augment the volume of their breasts or to correct any flaws in the breast shape. Breast asymmetries as well as mild sagging of the breasts can also be fixed through the use of implants.

To be an eligible candidate for the surgery, your breasts should be fully matured. Patients under 18 years old cannot undergo this surgery as their breasts are still subject to change. The results of the surgery will be negatively affected by the continuing growth of underage patients’ breasts. Hence, it is better to wait.

Breast implant surgery can also be useful for patients who have undergone traumatic or mutilating breast surgery, such as mastectomy. It can help boost the patient’s self-esteem and correct physical defects brought about by the mastectomy.

In order to be an ideal candidate for the surgery, the patient needs to be in good emotional and physical health. So for smokers interested in breast augmentation, you must avoid smoking for a few weeks before and after the surgery. The candidate must also have realistic expectations from the procedure.

2. How do breast implants affect breastfeeding?

For the procedure, the breast implants will be placed under the mammary gland or the pectoral muscle. This usually means that the functions and structure of the mammary gland are largely unaffected during the intervention. Even though a part of the mammary gland is sectioned when executing a periariolar incision, it does not hamper the patient’s capacity to breastfeed. In most cases, women with breast implants are able to breastfeed normally. There is currently no scientific data available that suggests that the intervention has an adverse effect on the patients’ fertility. In the same way, there is no proof that the procedure may predispose breastfeeding infants to a number of health conditions.

Nonetheless, an experienced and sensible plastic surgeon will recommend the patient to schedule her breast augmentation surgery after she has given birth, preferably after her child is weaned off breast milk. Despite the fact that breastfeeding after breast augmentation surgery is not detrimental to the well-being of the infant, gestation and childbirth can still negatively impact or alter the results of the procedure to a certain extent. A concrete example would be the sagging of the breasts after putting on weight during the pregnancy. Thus, you should carefully consider your surgeon’s advice.

3. What is the breast augmentation surgery?

The breast augmentation surgery using mammary implants is one of the most popular cosmetic interventions performed on the body today. The procedure offers spectacular results for patients desiring to enhance the appearance of their breasts and increase their volume. During this procedure, the surgeon can also correct breast asymmetries and breast sagging.

4. How long does the breast augmentation surgery last?

As incredible as it might seem, you can achieve larger breasts over the course of a couple of hours with the breast augmentation surgery. The intervention, performed under general anesthesia, lasts no longer than one or two hours. The patient can leave the hospital the next day but it is necessary to have someone available to drive her home. The patient is also advised to have someone to help her with activities around the house, at least for the first couple of days following the surgery. The breast augmentation surgery with the use of implants is quite complex but the recovery period is shorter than one might expect. Most of our patients can return to work within two weeks after the intervention. Even though the procedure is completed in the span of a few hours, it can take up to a year before the results of the surgery can be fully appreciated. In some cases, the breasts can look unnaturally high and too round shortly after the procedure. You shouldn’t worry as they will settle into a different, more natural position, a few weeks after the surgery. Your surgeon may recommend wearing a strap over the top of your breasts as this can help the breasts settle faster.

Keep in mind that there are no pills, creams or special massages that will provide you with the same results as the breast augmentation surgery, especially in that short span of time. Moreover, the results of the breast implant surgery are permanent. Your breasts may still be affected by factors such as aging and gravity, but the results will stay more or less the same.


For those who dream of waking up the next morning with bigger and fuller breasts, not to worry, this is certainly possible with the breast augmentation procedure. This technique usually takes no longer than one to three hours of surgery and requires only a single night of confinement.

Your augmented breasts will be visible immediately after surgery, but keep in mind that the implants may take up to a year to completely settle into its intended configuration. The bruising and swelling will subside over the course of a few weeks post-surgery, but the scars may take a year to fully heal. Nevertheless, get ready to show off your new figure in no time!

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