How long does it take to see the final results of liposuction?

How long does it take to see the final results of liposuction?

28th Aug 2017

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that is used to remove fat from the body through the use of a cannula. When the fat is suctioned out of the area, the bulges caused by the fat will also be removed. Having said that, liposuction is not meant as a weight loss solution. It is only ideal for those who have already lost a lot of weight, but still have some stubborn areas where bulges are still visible.

The liposuction procedure takes only a few hours to complete. Usually, patients only need to stay from 12 hours to a day at the facility where the liposuction is done.. Patients are however advised to take proper care of the swelling.

After the procedure, there will be swelling in the area where the liposuction was performed. The reason there is swelling is because of the fluids in the area where the fats were harvested. No need to fret, as the wounds heal, the swelling will subside because the body reabsorbs the fluids. In general, compression garments are required to be worn by the patient in order to control most of the swelling. By doing so, the healing process is shortened.

The liposuction is mostly used as a surgical shaping procedure and not a weight loss procedure. After a liposuction procedure, patients should live a healthy lifestyle so that they can maintain their figure.

Many patients expect to immediately see the results right after the procedure. But the results may not be immediately visible because of the swelling. The final results of the liposuction become visible only after 6 months to 1 year after the surgery.

Although it may seem that it takes a long time to see the final results of the liposuction procedure, the results actually start to appear as early as after 3 weeks post surgery. At this time, it is possible that the swelling has already subsided, and an improvement in the physique may be seen. The change in the appearance of the body is not only due to the fat cells that were removed, but also the fat cells that were bruised during the procedure. The body eventually reabsorbs the bruised fat cells, but it takes time.

For those who are not satisfied with their liposuction results, there is the option of getting a revision or touch up liposuction. However, before opting for the touch up liposuction, it is best to wait for the swelling to subside in order to see the final results. Your body is still subject to change as it heals. As for those who are happy with the results, proper diet and regular exercise will help you maintain the shape of your body after liposuction.

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