Looking great after buttock augmentation

Looking great after buttock augmentation

02nd Dec 2017

Plastic surgery can be used to improve different areas of the body. One of the areas that is commonly worked on is the buttocks area. Buttock augmentation procedures are common today, and this can be done either through a Brazilian butt lift or through butt implant surgery.

After the buttock augmentation procedure, patients still need to recover in order to fully enjoy their great new look. There can still be some swelling or limited movements that can hinder patients from fully enjoying their new and improved buttocks. Patients should know how to care for themselves properly during the recovery so that their body fully heals from the surgery.

Once they have fully recovered, they can now get to enjoy their great look and new shape. Changes in the clothes they wear may occur because they would want to make sure that their buttocks are emphasized. It is also possible for them to wear their usual clothing but find that they look better because of their curvier buttocks.

Buttock Augmentation Procedure

There are different areas in the body where plastic surgery can be done in order to alter them and make them look better. One of the areas in the body where plastic surgery is commonly done is the buttocks. Lots of women would love to have fuller and more shapely buttocks just like what some famous celebrities have. There are two kinds of surgery that can help patients achieve the look, and these are the buttock augmentation through fat transfer (or the Brazilian butt lift) and the buttock augmentation through the use of buttock implants. After the buttock augmentation procedure, patients still need to recover before they can really appreciate their improved buttocks.

Brazilian Butt Lift

A lot of patients who wish to go through a buttock augmentation procedure go through a Brazilian butt lift because it is a less invasive procedure. Only small holes from the cannula used for the liposuction procedure would be made. There would also be tiny injection marks on the buttocks due to the injection of the fat. This means that there is only minimal scarring.

Women also love the Brazilian butt lift procedure because of its ability to shape other areas of the body through the liposuction. When liposuction is done on the abdominal area, the waist is altered, producing a slimmer waist. Having a slimmer waist also helps put more emphasis on the size of their buttocks. Through this kind of procedure, two wonderful results are achieved.

Butt Augmentation with Implants

Another way to augment the buttocks aside from the Brazilian butt lift is through the use of implants. The implants used are to be inserted on each butt cheek, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This is a perfect procedure for those who do not have enough fat in their body to go for a Brazilian butt lift. There is also a limit to the amount of fat that can be used in a Brazilian butt lift, and some women wish to have a more prominent change that fat transfer wouldn’t be able to provide. The use of implants provides a better solution for them.

In some cases, a combination of the use of butt implants and injection of fat can be done to achieve the size and shape that the patient wants. This enables surgeons to reshape the buttocks for a more flattering figure. The use of fat on top of the implants also helps the implants to be less palpable or obvious underneath the skin. This combination of procedures is quite common especially when there is also a need to liposuction the abdominal area or back to improve the overall figure.

Recovery after Buttock Augmentation

The recovery after a buttock augmentation surgery will depend on the type of surgery that a patient goes for. It also depends on how the body heals and recovers. Each body is different; that is why people recover differently too. The important thing is that patients make sure that their body is well nourished so that it can heal well after the surgery. They also need to follow the instructions provided by their surgeon.

The recovery period can be quite challenging for some because their movements are limited, and there are limited things that they can do. There can also be swelling, pain, and an uncomfortable feeling over the buttocks through the recovery. This does get better with time, and gradually, a patient can return back to his/her normal daily routine.

Your Great New Look

During the recovery, patients can see the changes that is brought about by the buttock augmentation surgery. Although the results seen may not yet be final due to the swelling of the buttocks or the proper positioning of the implants, there is already an obvious augmentation. As patients recover, they will see the great difference of their new buttocks as compared to their previous buttocks.

For most people, they are still able to fit into the clothes that they used to wear before the procedure. There is just a difference in the shape and contour of their buttocks. They can look better with their usual clothing, or they may also find that some of their clothing are too tight on the buttocks. These changes can really help patients to see and appreciate the new look that they have due to their buttock augmentation surgery.


Buttock augmentation surgery is a plastic surgery that targets the buttocks and makes them look rounder and bigger. It is a common procedure that can be done in two ways—either a Brazilian butt lift or through the use of butt implants. Both methods yield great results.

After the surgery, the recovery period takes place, and this is the time when the body heals. It can be an uncomfortable phase but will pass as time goes by. Even during the recovery, patients can get to see the improvement in the size and shape of their buttocks. They will be more able to see the great difference once they fully heal. They can observe the positive change when they wear their usual clothes and find that they fit better because of their augmented buttocks.

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