Loss of breast contour and volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding

Loss of breast contour and volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding

12th Jan 2019

Loss Of Breast Contour And Volume After Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

Pregnancy is a time of tremendous change for a woman’s body and mind. The body is preparing to give birth and provide the means of survival for the newborn. The features of the body that are most affected by pregnancy are the tummy and the breasts of the mother. The tummy increases its size considerably to be able to accommodate the growing uterus, and the breasts are affected by the hormonal changes that happen and the preparation for lactation.

For many women, the breasts will increase their size during pregnancy and even after, during breastfeeding. Moreover, the breasts can become rock hard and even painful in some cases. Most pregnant women are proud of how their breasts look during this time but are not very pleased with the appearance of the breasts after breastfeeding stops.

Once the breastfeeding period is over, the breasts take a few months or more to settle into a new shape and size. It is rarely the case that the breasts will look the same as before getting pregnant after breastfeeding. Certain factors such as breastfeeding preponderantly from one breast can lead to considerable asymmetries, and the patient can also be confronted with a loss of breast contour and volume. What happens in a vast majority of cases is that the woman goes from having rock hard, firm and full breasts she had during pregnancy to breasts that look deflated, saggy and without proper contour.

Women who had small breasts before getting pregnant might end up a few bra cup sizes more during pregnancy and breastfeeding. While they hope the breasts will stay the same after breastfeeding stops, this is rarely the case.

Most women are concerned about the effects of breastfeeding on the appearance of the breasts to some extent that some even decide not to breastfeed to preserve the beautiful appearance of the breasts. But the reality is that the changes in the appearance of the breasts often occur during pregnancy and are not necessarily associated with breastfeeding. Pregnancy is the period associated with the hormonal rush and also the weight fluctuations that trigger the transformations of the breasts. While breastfeeding is a personal choice, you should know that it is not this issue that will negatively impact the appearance of the breasts.

The loss of breast contour and volume after pregnancy occur due to the breasts getting back to their condition before pregnancy. A weight loss usually occurs after childbirth and pregnancy, and this too will affect the appearance of the breasts, just like the other parts of the patient’s body.

The appearance of the breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding is a source of concern for many new mothers. It is important to be aware of the fact that the changes that will occur on the breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding can’t be prevented or avoided. But the good news is that the breasts can regain their beautiful appearance once again after undergoing a breast lift procedure.


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