Loss of breast sensitivity after breast reduction surgery

Loss of breast sensitivity after breast reduction surgery

12th Sep 2017

Very large breast can be irritating, and they can also cause great discomfort. If you have very large breasts and would want a surgical solution, then the breast reduction surgery is for you. This surgery removes some excess skin, fat, and tissue on the breasts to make the size smaller. The nipples and the areolas are also moved in a much higher position in order to make the breasts look better. Due to this, it is possible to have a change in the sensitivity of the breast after the breast reduction surgery.

In some cases, there are women who feel increased sensitivity of their nipples while there are also others who feel decreased sensitivity. The nipples are the most common part of the breasts that is affected because it is cut out and repositioned. It is also still possible that the sensitivity change is not limited to the nipples and areola, but to the other areas of the breasts too, such as the cleavage area.

It is common for those who have undergone breast reduction surgery to feel hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity of their breasts. In most cases, the sensitivity returns back to normal after a few months or even after a couple of years. It is different from one patient to another because patients heal differently. In rare cases, it is possible that the loss of sensitivity of the breast is permanent. This is a known possible complication of the surgery, and it should be well thought of before agreeing to a breast reduction procedure.

The changes in the sensitivity of the nipples and other areas of the breasts are due to the cut made when removing the excess fat, skin, and tissues. It is possible that the nerves are also cut and would need to repair themselves before they can function properly again. The regeneration of the nerves takes time, and it happens gradually. One common sign of regaining sensation is itchiness in the breast.

Unfortunately, there is still no solution to the permanent loss of sensation of the breasts. What surgeons do now is to adopt newer techniques that can help lessen the risk of losing breast sensitivity. Surgeons can make use of different techniques in order to help preserve more of the nerve supply, thus lessen the probability of totally losing the sensation in the nipple or breast.

The loss or change in sensation of the breasts isn’t only limited to the breast reduction procedure. The breast augmentation procedure can also cause a change in the sensation of the breasts. This can be due to the increased pressure on the nerves due to stretching or due to accommodating large implants.

The loss of sensation of the breasts is a risk that comes with the breast reduction or breast augmentation procedure. The best way to lessen that risk is to choose experienced and certified surgeons who have extensive knowledge about the procedure. They are the ones who do the surgery not just to get it done, but to do a great job at it to help patients be happy about their body.

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