Loss of nipple sensation after breast augmentation

Loss of nipple sensation after breast augmentation

29th Jul 2016

It is a well-known fact that every kind of surgery comes with its own risks and potential complications during the procedure or after. What every patient should do is discuss concerns in detail with the doctor before scheduling the intervention. The complications that can occur with a breast augmentation procedure are related to the intervention in itself and the anesthesia, but also the type and functionality of the implants.

Breast augmentation has been under a lot of scrutiny over the last few years, and the risks have been carefully considered and discussed at length. While there are some complications that can occur over time after the procedure, there is nothing as serious as breast cancer or other significant issues.

One possibly unpleasant side effect or complication after the breast augmentation procedure is related to the nipples. In some cases, the nipples become overly sensitive or lose their sensitivity, but the sensation disappears in a few weeks. In other cases, the loss of nipple sensation can be permanent.

The experts have all agreed on one thing: the bigger the breast implant, the greater the chance to lose nipple sensation. And, once again, we feel the need to warn you about choosing your doctor and listening to his recommendations. Having this procedure done at a clinic where everything is legal and transparent and where well-known doctors attend you is very important for the success of the breast augmentation procedure. Being able to trust the surgeon who performs the procedure is essential, as this means you will be more inclined to listen to his suggestions about the size of the implants. A good doctor will make suggestions despite your expectations and will stick to his opinion, even if you don’t agree.

Some patients show up requesting breast implants that are way too big for their body frames. Big breasts on a petite woman can lead to future health issues that your doctor will try to prevent by recommending the right size for you. When he suggests a smaller size than you have in mind, it is crucial to listen to his explanations and understand the risks.

The loss of nipple sensation after breast augmentation can sometimes be avoided just by not choosing such a big size for the breast implants. Aside from this complication of the breast augmentation procedure, choosing a size larger than your body can bear might also mean that the implant will bottom out, another complication we fear after this type of cosmetic procedure.

Again, in most cases, all these complications can be avoided by just listening to the recommendations of your doctor and not choosing the size of the implants on your own. Prevent further health issues and get a size that will make you look fabulous, even if your breasts won’t be the size of watermelons.

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