Main reasons to get breast implants in your 20s

Main reasons to get breast implants in your 20s

25th Aug 2021


As one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, breast augmentation is probably the most controversial of them all. People say you need to trust yourself and embrace who you are and how you look. There are many who consider that altering the way you were left on earth is a real shame and a step back. They think anything you change regarding your appearance is fake and not founded. There are others who think exactly the opposite, that you should do whatever you want and ignore anything else in the world.

The matter of the fact is that anyone should do whatever they think is good for them. It doesn’t matter what those around you want or say, because the most important person in your life is yourself. There are some who say that having a breast augmentation should be done later in life since breasts undergo many transformations due to age. But reality is a very different thing for each one of us. Statistics show that women who choose to go under the knife and get new, enhanced breasts fall usually under the 20s – 30s age category. 

Breasts are female organs that start appearing and forming around the age of 12-14 when puberty begins after the ovaries are fully formed and they start producing the estrogen hormone. This hormone is responsible for breast development, and it makes fat grow in the tissues and the breasts to enlarge. Breast development is usually complete by the age of 18, sometimes earlier and other times later. Once your breasts are fully formed, that’s it. They will not become miraculously bigger or fuller. Your breasts might change in time due to weight gain, pregnancy and, later in life, due to menopause. But if you maintain a healthy, steady weight during your lifetime, your breasts will not change in shape. Sure, if you get pregnant, they will become bigger and fuller, but once breastfeeding is done, they will be again as they were in terms of size.

Body image

The most important thing you need to decide if you want breast implants in your 20s is if the way your breasts look represents a real issue for you and your peace of mind. If you feel your breasts are too small and this is something that makes you really unhappy, then this is the procedure for you. It will help you gain confidence in your looks, in a moment in your life when this confidence is easily shaken and put to the test in various occasions. At the same time, if you feel that there are many parts of your body you need to alter through plastic surgery or they just make you unhappy, then your issue might be a deeper one, and it might be rooted in some psychological issue. So, if you find yourself part of this last category, then it might be best to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist and see if they can help you.

For those who are unhappy with the way their breasts look, the fact that they are small or have some significant asymmetry, then having breast implants early in life might be exactly what they need to gain that confidence and body positivity to help them develop and find their path in life. There are women who are afraid of speaking publicly or coming forward with an idea, just because they think everyone will concentrate on their lack of cleavage rather than on their ideas or speech. Getting breast implants will make them achieve what they want and reach their full potential from a young age.

One thing you need to know is that there are some limitations in regard to the type of implants and age. The US Food and Drug Administration allows the use of silicone implants only on patients that are 22 years or older. If you are younger than 22, then you will need to resort to saline implants only.

Best health

In your 20s you will be in the prime of your life, never healthier and younger. Usually, people in their 20s are healthy, and many of the problematic health issues that might impede a surgery are not existent. Our bodies are young and have not yet consumed too much fat or alcohol or smoke or any other kind of toxin that cause majority of issues after 30 or 40. The tissues are flexible and young, and they regenerate easier. Chances of starting smoking at such a young age are small, which is another risk factor. The recovery will be faster, and you will be ready to resume your activities in no time. On the other hand, one important risk that women after forty need to consider when thinking of this procedure is a mammogram. Since you are young and you do not have any health issues that require it, you will not need a mammography for a very long time.

No obligation

Being in your 20s, you are probably building a career, a solid ground to stand on, either alone or with your partner. There are few women today that consider having children in their early 20s. The majority start thinking of a pregnancy well in their late 20s and late 30s. So, with no clock ticking and no thoughts of having a family, it will be easier for you to get involved in the process of transforming your breasts through plastic surgery. It is very difficult for a mother with small children to go through a surgery that will not allow her for to lift her arms more than a week, and it will also not allow her for even a longer time to do any strenuous activities. But for someone who is young and has no obligations, you will only probably have to suspend your yoga or Pilates or whatever kind of exercise you usually practice.

No matter what you read or hear, you need to know that between getting pregnant and breast augmentation, there is no medical connection. The fertility of a woman has nothing to do with breast implants. So, you can get pregnant at any time after that. Breastfeeding might be influenced by this surgery, but if you inform your surgeon that you plan on having kids at a certain time in your life, he or she will be able to advise you on the best solution of getting implants without influencing your future possibility of breastfeeding your baby.

Weight loss

There are also women who have been going through massive weight loss. Being overweight may cause major health issues, and for those who have these issues at a younger age, it might be the ideal moment to try and lose some of the extra weight. Or it could simply be just a matter of choice. Women who have full and big breasts will find that after weight loss they will lose a lot of volume in a part of their body they didn’t want to lose. In order to get more confidence or regain some of the curves they lost, they might consider getting implants or a breast lift with implants.

It is true that implants are not lifetime devices, and at one moment in time, you will need to replace them or get them out altogether. But if you decide to get implants when you are younger, then you will be able to enjoy their advantages for the most part of your life and for the bigger part of your youth. New technologies in manufacturing implants have made them more resistant, especially silicone implants. They are now guaranteed for 10 to 15 years, but some last even more, up to 20 years, even. So, you might need to change them exactly in time when you are probably done having kids in your forties to enjoy a new beautiful chapter in your life. Saline implants have a shorter lifespan of around 5 years. But the fact is that implants do not really have an expiration date. They need to be replaced due to rupture, leakage or capsular contracture, but if none of these happen, they can stay put. Still, it is recommended to go and have regular check-ups to determine if they are intact and no silent rupture has happened.


It doesn’t really matter what age you are when you want to change a part of your body that makes you uncomfortable. What matters is to make an informed choice, to be realistic in your expectations, and to take a mature decision. All the above means that you need to get informed and see what this procedure is all about, what choices you have and how you can achieve the best. You also need to understand that you cannot get a D cup and be a slim, small woman, because you will not only look ridiculous but it might cause serious health issues. Finally, you need to realize that this is surgery; it is serious, a lifetime commitment, and it needs to be your decision and only yours.

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