Maintaining breast lift results

Maintaining breast lift results

15th Mar 2014

When you go for a breast lift surgery, the results after your recovery period is over will leave you smiling! You’ll have a more lifted chest and feel better in clothing, and walk with confidence. But while your procedure results will last for a long time, taking care of your body is important to your breasts maintaining their lifted, firm appearance. Not doing so can mean your chest will eventually sag again too soon. Read below to discover some ways to keep your results and look great for years to come!

Be Healthy

Eating right and exercising will keep extra weight away. This is not only necessary for a great figure, but will keep your chest from sagging again. Your skin gets stretched out every time you gain weight. When you lose weight, fat cells shrink but your skin does not. What you end up with is sagging, particularly if you yo-yo and gain and lose weight multiple times.

Hit The Weights

Lifting light weights not only gives you a toned, cut body it can also keep your chest lifted thanks to the underlying muscles. It also will help tone the surrounding area, making it less likely that the skin will sag. Building muscle also helps your body burn extra calories, even when you’re at rest, which will keep your weight from going up.

Treat Your Skin

Firming creams can go a long way toward helping your skin stay smooth and firm. While they can’t actually correct sagging, they will moisturize the skin and firm it slightly, preventing stretch marks and the look of loose skin.


Wearing a bra is still important after breast lift surgery, even though your chest may seem firm and lifted without one. It will prevent them from moving around too much which can stretch the skin, and cause sagging.

Like the rest of your body, your breasts need good nourishment and care after lift surgery. Take care of yourself and you’ll be experiencing the great results of your implants for years to come!

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