Major complications that can occur after breast reduction

Major complications that can occur after breast reduction

19th Oct 2019

Major complications that can occur after breast reduction    

Performed mostly to increase functionally and restore mobility for women with overly large breasts, breast reduction is a very popular procedure nowadays. It can help patients get rid of the emotional and physical discomforts associated with the excessive size of their breasts and also help women get a more active lifestyle.

The procedure is often performed under general anesthesia, and the patients require less than 12 hours of hospitalization. This means that most patients can return home the same day if no complications occur. The recovery period is about two weeks, but it depends from patient to patient and their ability to heal.

There are complications that can occur after breast reduction surgery. Most of them are common to any type of surgical procedure, such as infection, excessive bleeding and blood clots. Aside from these, there are other complications that could alter the aesthetic results achieved with the procedure such as abnormal scarring, delayed wound healing, and skin necrosis.

To make sure you minimize the risks of developing a complication after breast reduction surgery, you should always choose an experienced, talented, board-certified plastic surgeon and discuss with him all the details of the procedure and your complete medical history. The chances to develop a complication are higher for patients with preexisting health conditions and also patients who smoke, so make sure you are a good candidate before scheduling your procedure.

Infection is a complication that can occur practically after any type of surgery. The signs of infection are high fever, intense pain, and pus coming from the incision site. Sometimes the area can be red and swollen as well. Infection needs immediate treatment, so make sure you seek medical assistance if confronted with these symptoms in the first few days post-op.

Excessive bleeding can occur if the patient doesn’t follow the instructions of the plastic surgeon in terms of physical efforts, but also if the patient has taken certain anti-inflammatory medication in the weeks before the procedure. Make sure to follow the instructions to the letter to avoid this complication.

Deep vein thrombosis means that a blood clot has formed. To avoid this complication, patients are advised to get off the bed as soon as possible post-op and walk around the room. Birth control medication should be stopped the month before the procedure to avoid this complication.

The recommendation is to be very careful in the weeks before the procedure to avoid any potential health conditions that would require the procedure to be rescheduled or will increase your risk of developing a complication. Even something as simple as a cold could make you ineligible to undergo the surgery. 

To avoid major complications that can occur after breast reduction, also make sure to choose the plastic surgeon to play out your procedure wisely. 

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