Making a decision to undergo butt surgery

Making a decision to undergo butt surgery

30th Oct 2019


Resorting to plastic surgery to enhance the appearance of the body is a popular choice nowadays. Plastic surgery is no longer a taboo topic or something never to mention in public. Now, both celebrities and regular people take pride in investing in themselves and their appearance. The reality is that numerous studies have shown that people who look better are more successful in different life venues. 

Up until a few years ago, breast implant surgery and liposuction were the only main things people knew about plastic surgery. Over the last few years, the fascination with the buttocks has made butt surgery more and more commonly requested and in demand. 

Many people are considering undergoing this procedure every day to increase the size of their buttocks or get a more impressive projection. Making a decision to undergo butt surgery is not easy, and patients who are at this point in their lives should be aware of certain things such as:

–    The decision should be entirely personal

Yes, your partner loves big buttocks and you want to be with him forever. However, in order to make the decision to undergo butt surgery, you should be the one loving the idea of having a big butt as it will be with you for the rest of your life. Butt surgery, either performed with fat transfer or gluteal implants, delivers permanent results so you should make sure that you really want it before scheduling the procedure. Moreover, the recovery period can be quite difficult in terms of discomfort as you will not be able to sit on your butt or lie on your back for a minimum of three weeks. So if you were thinking you’d be having sex a few days post-op and make your partner love you even more, you should know this is not advised. Also, if complications occur, you will be the one dealing with them.

–    The decision should have a strong motivation behind it

Most people don’t need much motivation to change the color or style of their hair. Some even decide to get a tattoo on a whim. But when it comes to plastic surgery, you should have a strong motivation before undergoing butt surgery. The procedure will put a mark on your body that you won’t be able to erase, even if you decide to explant the gluteal implants or remove the fat transferred with liposuction. Your body won’t be the same as before the procedure, so make sure this is really what you want and your reasons are unbreakable.

–    The decision is based on a medical indication

During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will evaluate your candidacy for the procedure you are interested in. If after his measurements he decides you are eligible and the procedure is a good idea for you, trust him. Also, trust him if he tells you there is no medical indication for you to have butt surgery. 


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