Making a smooth transition to work after breast augmentation

Making a smooth transition to work after breast augmentation

04th Sep 2019

Making a smooth transition to work after breast augmentation 


The only effective solution to get bigger breasts is to undergo a breast augmentation procedure. The results achieved with the breast augmentation with implants surgery are unparalleled by any other method used for increasing the size of the breasts, including the breasts lipofilling which is considered the natural method to enhance the aspect of the breasts. The breast augmentation with implants boasts impressive results, especially when the procedure is performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon that can guide the patient in choosing the best possible implants to suit his anatomy. However, after the surgery and until seeing the final results of the intervention, it can take months, and the patient is required to have patience and follow the recommendation of the plastic surgeon for the recovery period.

The recovery period after the breast augmentation with implants is of about two weeks for most patients, provided the patient was in good health and emotional condition before the procedure was performed and no complications occur. Any complications that can occur after the breast augmentation procedure can delay the recovery process, and the patient can find it more difficult to resume the normal activities and return to work after the procedure is performed. This is the reason why the plastic surgeon will give you plenty of indications on making a smooth transition to work after the breast augmentation surgery. 

What is important to mention is that the first two weeks post-op and even more, up to a month the patient shouldn’t lift heavy objects from the floor. This means that if you have children around the house, you shouldn’t lift them in your arms immediately after the surgery as the incisions might open and the implants might shift in their pockets inside the breasts. 

Making a smooth transition to work after the breast augmentation would imply the patient is committed to taking the pain medication prescribed by the plastic surgeon, wear the compression special post-op bra or a good quality sports bra and rest exclusively on the back for a minimum of two to three weeks.

Generally speaking, after the first week post-op, most patients can start resuming the daily activities around the house, as long as they don’t imply strenuous activities or intense physical efforts. This means that cleaning the house during the first weeks after the procedure might not be possible, but the patient can certainly cook a light meal by the end of the first week. Lifting the arms above the shoulder’s level is also to be avoided during the first two weeks post-op.

The recommendation is to try resume most daily activities gradually over the course of the first two weeks and return to work beginning of week three after the breast augmentation surgery. However, your return to work is dependent on the characteristics of your responsibilities. If your work entails physical effort, it might take over a week for you to get back to work without triggering any complications. 

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