Making the recovery period after plastic surgery more comfortable

Making the recovery period after plastic surgery more comfortable

26th Sep 2019

Making the recovery period after plastic surgery more comfortable


When resorting to plastic surgery, patients should take into consideration not only the potential risks and complications but also how the recovery period will be. The recovery period after any type of surgery can be a time when patients experience discomfort, both physical and emotional. Due to the post-operative recommendations that should be followed to the letter, the patient might find it frustrating that there are things she easily did before that now are to be avoided at all costs. Also, patients can experience pain and other side effects after a surgical procedure.

Making the recovery period more comfortable is easy if you have an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to guide you as he would often give you these pieces of advice:

–    Drink plenty of water

Immediately after surgery, it is recommended to drink plenty of water to eliminate the rest of the anesthetic left in your body. By drinking enough water and other fluids such as herbal infusions, you can also avoid constipation and the nausea that often occurs after surgery. However, it is important to know that you should avoid drinking caffeinated and carbonated beverages as they can have the exact opposite effect as water does.

–    Have ice packs ready to use

It is normal for swelling to occur in the operated area as a response of the body to the surgical trauma. This is not a side effect that patients should be worried about; however, it can be quite uncomfortable, so the recommendation is to have ice packs ready to use. The ice packs shouldn’t be applied directly on the skin, but on a piece of cloth to avoid the damage to the skin in the area. Pain can also be alleviated by applying cold compressions or ice packs on the areas that were treated with surgery. Make sure to keep the ice packs on for no longer than a few minutes at a time but repeat the procedure as often as necessary in the first few days post-op.

–    Have someone to help you around the house

The plastic surgeon will give you a list on how to prepare for your return home after the procedure, for many patients find out they miss certain things after getting home from the surgery. Some patients will discover that it is more comfortable for someone to help them get in and out of bed (especially after having procedures such as the tummy tuck or butt augmentation surgery) for a few days post-op.

–    Take the pain medication

Some patients feel just fine after leaving the medical facility and decide not to use any pain medication. This is not wise, nor is it comfortable. The recovery period is a difficult time, so why suffer through greater discomfort by not taking the medication recommended by the plastic surgeon?


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