Male buttock augmentation: when do you need it?

Male buttock augmentation: when do you need it?

01st Mar 2018

Plastic surgery for buttock enhancement purposes is commonly performed nowadays on male patients. Today, men look after their appearance much more, and numerous studies have shown that there is a direct connection between how we look and how successful we are in many fields of our lives, including professionally.

The male buttock augmentation procedure is often performed with gluteal implants. However, the procedure can be combined with fat transfer if the patient has excess adipose tissue in other areas of the body that he wants to get rid of.

The ideal shape of a man’s body is different from the shape women dream for themselves. In women, the hourglass body shape is the most sought after, but when it comes to men, this shape is an inverted triangle. Men desire to have broad shoulders with a small midline and hips. However, when it comes to the buttocks, men don’t want their rear ends to have the same dimensions as the shoulders, but they certainly want to have a round and appealing butt.

So what are the characteristics of men who are in need of a buttock augmentation? Before anything else, we should mention the cases of men who had trauma or accidents that have left them with asymmetric buttocks or an unaesthetic change in the structure of the buttocks. There are also men who have buttocks much smaller compared to the rest of their anatomy, and the size of the buttocks creates an aesthetic discrepancy with the rest of the body.

Generally speaking, any man who desires to improve the appearance of his rear end can benefit from the buttock augmentation procedure. However, it is only during the first consultation with the plastic surgeon that he will find out for sure if the plastic surgeon considers him a good candidate for the procedure. The plastic surgeon will ask questions about the reasons for resorting to plastic surgery, medical history, and even daily habits, aside from a medical evaluation of the tissues and structures of the buttocks. Only after this consultation will the plastic surgeon be able to tell you whether you need a buttock augmentation or not.

If you are not happy with the appearance of your behind or you think that a more considerable improvement in the size of the buttocks will change your appearance for the better, then chances are the buttock augmentation procedure is what you need. Discuss this with the plastic surgeon and also make sure to ask what to expect in terms of results and long-term consequences.

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