Male Plastic Surgery Myths

Male Plastic Surgery Myths

29th Apr 2017


Over the last few years, the prevalence of plastic surgery in men has witnessed a sharp rise. In fact, out of the 68,106 people who underwent the breast reduction procedure in the US in 2015, 40 percent of them were men. Furthermore, figures from 2014 show that more than 1.2 million males went under the knife for cosmetic improvements.

According to a report by Business Insider, males seek plastic surgery for a variety of reasons. For instance, one man may opt for cosmetic surgery to remedy an aesthetic flaw such as enlarged breasts, while another may want to acquire a photogenic mien through surgical intervention. There are also men who desire to gain muscle definition or a more athletic image through cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgery has also been found to be effective in helping male employees further their careers.

Despite the recent surge in the popularity of plastic surgery among men, there are still a number of fallacies and misconceptions about male plastic surgery. Among these is a strongly held notion that cosmetic procedures were conceptualized for women alone. In reality, a number of plastic surgeries exist specifically to cater to men who aim to enhance their masculinity.

For this reason, this article explores the most common misbeliefs people hold about male plastic surgery.

Myth No. 1: Men don’t need to use plastic surgery to look younger because they look attractive when older

Even though society may be more inclined towards admiring the appearance of older men than older women, not all men tend to become more attractive as they age. Aging initiates various anatomical changes in men as much as it does in women. Loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles and age spots occur gradually as people grow older, regardless of gender.

Studies have already found that young and good-looking men are more successful in their professional and social lives. It is also important to note that signs of aging in men can make them appear cold, disinterested or even irritable, and they can also suffer from low self-esteem because of their aesthetics.

Presently, one of the common aesthetic concerns among men is a pronounced breast. Since large breasts are signs of femininity, men with similarly prominent breasts feel embarrassed, and self-conscious. Plastic surgery can help them regain their self-confidence by correcting these intrinsic blemishes.

Myth No. 2: Men will lose their masculinity after plastic surgery

Many people believe that plastic surgery is tailored to suit the female body shape and if a man undergoes any cosmetic procedure, he will lose his masculinity and acquire feminine features instead. This is absolutely untrue and is yet another widely held misconception. There are specific plastic surgery procedures dedicated to improving the male figure such as the breast reduction surgery which modifies enlarged breasts brought about by gynecomastia. Consequently, diminishing the size of the breasts results in a manlier figure.

Moreover, aging has the tendency to induce changes in the visage of a man, as exhibited in the way that the cheeks lose their vigor and the manner in which the jowls become slack. Fixing these aesthetic issues with surgical procedures that are meant for women may make the face appear feminine but fortunately, there are certain techniques which are dedicated to treating the effects of aging in men. These include brow lift, minor facelift, and eyelid procedure.

Myth No. 3: Men are required to get extra time off work for plastic surgery

This notion used to be true; however, with the innovations in plastic surgery technologies, techniques, and processes, men who undergo plastic surgery are no longer required to take more time off work than necessary. There are a number of sophisticated plastic surgery options available for men that come with minimum downtime and the recovery period for male plastic surgery patients is currently similar to that of women.

For example, both men and women who undergo the breast reduction surgery would need to take one week off work. Most of the plastic surgery procedures meant to enhance particular facial features in men can be performed within 15 to 20 minutes and without hospital confinement. As such, patients will not be required to take more than a day off work.

Myth No. 4: Men can correct gynecomastia through exercise, instead of using plastic surgery

Exercises can help decrease the volume of fat in the body; however, gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) does not occur due to fat accumulation in the chest, but as a result of gland expansion. Diet and exercise will by no means help decrease the volume of the breasts.

The growth of the male breast occurs for a number of reasons. It can be triggered by steroid intake, or it may be genetic. Regrettably, diet and exercise will not help improve this condition and the only alternative is to go through breast reduction surgery. During the operation, the plastic surgeon will remove the swollen glandular tissue from the chest through tiny incisions.


Each year, more and more men elect to undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance their physical appearance. The assumption that plastic surgery is for women no longer holds true as there are currently a number of plastic surgery procedures available for men. However, despite the change in attitude towards plastic surgery and acceptance of the trend among men, there are still a few misbeliefs that are keeping them from seeking the right treatment.

Men may not necessarily undergo plastic surgery for the same reasons that women do, but there is some degree of parallelism between the two genders in their motivation to look physically attractive. For women, plastic surgery enhances their feminine appeal; whereas cosmetic procedures for men deliver a more defined and masculine figure.

Aging induces a series of anatomical changes in both men and women. In order to address these aesthetic problems without affecting the patient’s virility, certain plastic surgery procedures were adapted for men. Among the issues that many men suffer from is enlargement of the breasts, but the good news is that the male breast reduction surgery can easily remedy this condition.


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