Massages after breast augmentation surgery

Massages after breast augmentation surgery

05th Feb 2019

Breast augmentation involves the use of artificial objects called implants to enhance your aesthetic appearance. After the surgery, the implants will take time to settle and deliver the desired results. Frequent massage of the breasts during the initial three months after the intervention and less routine massage for 6-12 months will expedite the implant settling process and make your breasts look beautiful, natural, and smoother. Massage after breast augmentation surgery will also decrease the risk of capsular contracture.

It is important to ask your plastic surgeon when you need to perform massages after tbreast augmentation, for how long, and what techniques to use. In most cases, patients are advised to go to a professional medical massage therapist to have the massage performed. It is important to keep in mind that breast massage is not recommended if you have undergone the combo of breast augmentation and breast lift.

Why should you have breast massage performed after breast augmentation

The first reason why massages after breast augmentation are recommended is that it would help the implants settle quicker. Secondly, massages after the surgery will make your breasts look and feel better and natural. Regular massage after the surgery will make your breasts appear smoother and sexier. I normally recommend my patients to have regular breast massages until the implants have dropped into the intended place and until your body has accepted and accommodated them.

However, if you have textured shape-stable cohesive gel implants, you must avoid breast massaging. The fact is that no matter what brand of textured implant you have, you should never massage them after breast augmentation because they have been designed to gradually settle along with the development of the scar tissue.

I normally recommend massage after breast augmentation for patients who have saline implants or non-textured, round silicone implants. Depending on your recovery and incision healing status, you may be told to start breast massages 4-6 days after the procedure. When the proper techniques are used, the implant will move and quickly get accommodated under the pectoral muscle as the scar develops. As such, the massage will help prevent capsular contracture and will position the implant in the ideal place.

Furthermore, massaging after breast augmentation helps ward off conditions where the implants stand high on the chest and there is a lack of lower pole volume. This condition mostly happens with patients who have well-built muscular structures and don’t massage the breasts after breast augmentation.

When to perform breast massage after breast augmentation

Typically, massages are recommended four days after breast augmentation surgery. During the first three months following the operation, you must have breast massages performed a minimum of three times per day. Even though this might sound uncomfortable and overwhelming to many people, it is extremely critical to the achievement of your aesthetic goals. The weeks following the surgery are particularly crucial in this regard because during this time, the ultimate changes will occur in your implant position, breast contour, and anatomy.

After three months, you will notice and feel that your breasts are looking and feeling natural, smoother, and sexier as a result of the massages. At this point, you may reduce the massage frequency to 2 times a day. After the 4th month, you may further reduce your massage frequency to once a day. It is absolutely okay to stop massaging after the 6th month following your breast augmentation.

What techniques and methods to use

There are a number of breast massaging techniques and methods that you may be advised to use each time. Normally, practicing each massaging method is recommended during the first 3-6 months. If you can’t use the service of a professional lymphatic massage expert, you can perform the massages yourself. You may use a mirror to perform the massages properly.

Downward massage – With this technique, the implant placed underneath the pectoral muscle and is sitting higher on the chest are massaged down, so they can settle into the intended position. Combined with the gravitational force and the implant’s expansile pressure, the massages will stretch out the muscle and make space for the implants to be accommodated.

Upward massage – This technique pushes the implant up, so the scar is stretched. This method of breast massage is effective in almost all patients and is known to ward off possible capsular contracture. It also helps stretch the upper section of the chest muscle.

Medial massage – With this method, the breast implants are pushed towards the middle of the chest at the same time. This technique helps add definition and outline to your cleavage if the implants are placed underneath the pectoral muscle. It stretches out the section of the muscle that might be keeping the implants at a distance from each other.

Lateral massage – This technique is rarely used. It should not be practiced without the surgeon’s approval. It bounces the implant pocket out. This technique is mostly used where a capsular contracture has been released and is aimed at preventing further capsular contracture.

No matter what type and technique of massage you use after breast augmentation, you must be careful and take precautionary measures during the exercises. Ideally, you should lie on your back and perform the massages. Do not lie on your stomach because that is unsafe. You may also place a pad below your chin and arms and a soft pillow below your neck, so the force is diverted from your breasts.


Massages after breast augmentation are recommended for most patients because it comes with many benefits. Massages after the surgery speed up the implant settling process, prevent capsular contracture, and make your breasts look and feel smooth and natural. However, you should have the massages performed with the approval of your surgeon and use proper techniques. It is safe to have the massages done by a professional lymphatic massage performer. Massage of the breasts is recommended for the first 3-6 months following the operation.

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