Massages after breast enhancementâ 

Massages after breast enhancementâ 

20th Mar 2020


Breast enhancement procedures are frequently performed all over the globe now as many women discover how affordable and available plastic surgery can be and how they can achieve their dreams with its help. The most commonly performed plastic surgery procedure in the world is liposuction, but breast augmentation with implants comes close to a second place. Breast implant surgery is the most sought-after breast enhancement procedure; however, it is not the only procedure that can be performed on the breasts to make them more appealing and sexy. Other procedures that can be recommended for breast enhancement are breast lift and breast lipofilling.

When preparing to undergo any of these procedures, the plastic surgeon will tell you about the things you need to do before the procedure. Generally speaking, we are talking about ceasing smoking three to six weeks before the surgery, stopping birth control medication a month before the procedure, avoid anti-inflammatory medication as well as natural supplements in the two weeks before the procedure, and some others. At the same time, even from the time of the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will give you a set of instructions about what you need to do during the recovery period.

A recommendation that is given after any breast implant surgery is related to breast massages. Massaging the breasts after getting implants is an important part of the recovery process and recommended because this can help you reduce the risks of developing capsular contracture later on. 

After the implants are inserted, the body will create a fibrous capsule to isolate them from the surrounding tissues. This is a normal response and nothing to be worried about. However, in some cases, this fibrous capsule can become thicker and harden so it can distort the shape of the breasts and trigger pain. This complication can only be corrected surgically if it is severe. To prevent it, the plastic surgeon will advise you to massage the breasts following a special technique that will be demonstrated by the medical staff. At the same time, it is important to know that the massages should only start after the surgical incisions have healed and the plastic surgeon has given the green light.

The massages after breast implant surgery can also be beneficial and help the implants descend faster into their pockets. The appearance of a patient who has just undergone breast implant surgery can look very much like a bodybuilder as the implants might be very high on the chest wall at the beginning of the recovery period. To help the implants descend and soften, the plastic surgeon will usually advise you to massage them and also wear a belt over the top of the breasts. 

Massages are not mandatory after other types of breast enhancement procedures such as the fat transfer or the breast lift.


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