Mastopexy: 3 pros, 1 con

Mastopexy: 3 pros, 1 con

02nd Aug 2021

When it comes to the breast lift, many patients end up with this indication after going to the plastic surgeon to get a breast augmentation. Breast ptosis affects most women at some point in their lives and can create a very unpleasant appearance of the breasts. When affected by breast ptosis, the breasts not only lose their beautiful shape, but they also become sagging on the chest wall. The youthful look is gone, and we often associate saggy breasts with old age. 

There are numerous benefits of undergoing a breast lift and also some minor disadvantages like any other procedure. Here are three pros and one con about undergoing mastopexy.

Pros of getting a breast lift:

1.    Perky breasts

The main reason why patients choose to undergo mastopexy in the first place is to get perky breasts. We associate perky breasts with vitality, femininity and youth, so there is no question why all women want to have them. Perky breasts are breasts with a correct anatomical position on the chest wall and a nice shape. The characteristics of perky breasts are the nipples facing forward (instead of down), with the mammary gland positioned over the inframammary fold. Perky breasts look full and aesthetically pleasing. 

2.    Youthful breasts for longer

The breasts won’t keep their lovely appearance forever after undergoing a breast lift, but they will look younger and better compared to breasts of women of the same age as the patient who didn’t have the procedure. This means that the patient can have youthful-looking breasts and a younger appearance for longer after getting a mastopexy. 

3.    Improved shape of the breasts

After getting mastopexy, the shape of the breasts will be much more improved. The shape of the breasts is affected by different factors, including breast ptosis. This is the reason why breasts end up with a not so pleasant shape over time. This can be corrected during the breast lift. 

Con of getting a breast lift:

1.    Scars

Like any plastic surgery, the breast lift will leave behind scars. Depending on the level of breast ptosis, the scarring can be minimal or more significant. The patient will have a periareolar scar that can also be associated with a vertical scar from the areola to the inframammary fold and a horizontal scar in the inframammary fold. The scars are unavoidable and permanent, and this is something to keep in mind when scheduling the procedure. It is essential for patients to be aware of this so as not to be disappointed with the results. Also, some patients might consider scarring a turn-off and decide not to follow through with the procedure. However, most patients who had the breast lift consider the scarring a small price to pay to get the benefits discussed above.

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