Maximizing the results of the brazilian butt lift

Maximizing the results of the brazilian butt lift

30th Mar 2019



A better-contoured buttock and a slimmer waist? Do you think this is what you need to improve your physical appearance and look more feminine? In this case, the Brazilian butt lift might be just the right procedure for you. Nowadays many women are unhappy with the appearance of the buttocks that might be small and flat either due to genetic factors or a sedentary lifestyle. At the same time, it is very common for women to accumulate fat in the midline, either due to unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical exercise, or just the natural aging process. The magic of the Brazilian butt lift is that it allows for a significant reshaping of the body by using liposuction to remove fat from areas where it is in excess and transferring this fat to the buttocks to make it perkier and more alluring.

The Brazilian butt lift provides impressive results in a vast majority of cases with minimal risks involved. Moreover, the results achieved are completely natural as it uses only the fat cells collected from other areas of the patient’s body.

In this article, we will discuss the Brazilian butt lift procedure and how to maximize the results of it.


How is the Brazilian butt lift performed?

To understand how you can benefit from the Brazilian butt lift procedure, you should first know what it entails and the steps of the procedure. As we have already mentioned, the Brazilian butt lift involves liposuction. Liposuction is the procedure used to remove adipose cells from areas where it can be found in excess. The plastic surgeon will perform a medical examination during the pre-operative consultation and decide what areas can be treated with liposuction. Generally speaking, liposuction is performed on the abdomen and the flanks. This is because this tends to accumulate fat naturally. Moreover, getting a slimmer waist will accentuate and improve the results achieved with the procedure. In other words, the butt will look even more appealing, and the body shape of the patient will be more feminine if the waist is slim.

Liposuction uses small cannulas 3 or 4 mm in diameter. The cannula is inserted into the donor areas through incisions. The plastic surgeon will go back and forth with the cannula to dislodge and turn fat into a liquid so it can be suctioned out of the body. After the plastic surgeon considers that a sufficient amount of fat was collected and the area is slimmed down considerably, the fat will need to be processed before being reinjected into the buttocks.

Fat is processed using a complex centrifugation process that will provide the plastic surgeon with pure and healthy fat cells that have a high chance to survive after the transfer is performed. These fat cells are reinjected into the buttocks in different areas and in multiple layers to create a beautiful shape and curves in all the right places. The fat transfer process is a delicate one and should only be performed by a board-certified and talented plastic surgeon. Otherwise, the fat might not survive in the butt.

Generally speaking, about 70% of the fat injected will develop a blood network and survive after the transfer. This is normal and natural so patients looking to undergo the Brazilian butt lift should know that the buttocks will be bigger immediately after the surgery than two months after when some of the fat gets reabsorbed by the body.


Recovery after the Brazilian butt lift

While the procedure itself is not overly invasive and requires minimal incisions, the recovery process can be a bit uncomfortable for the patient due to one important rule that needs to be respected. For about three weeks, the recommendation is to not sit directly on the buttocks or sleep on the back. This can be stressful for patients used to sleeping on their back. However, after the first few days most patients get used to sitting on a pillow and sleeping on the sides or the front of the body. This rule is important because we need to avoid any type of pressure put on the buttocks until the newly transferred fat cells develop a new blood network that will ensure their survival. In other words, if you apply pressure on the buttocks shortly after the Brazilian butt lift, you might kill the fat cells transferred and get unsatisfactory results after the procedure. Patients who fail to follow this recommendation can end up with asymmetries in their buttocks.

Aside from this instruction, the recovery period after the Brazilian butt lift is relatively easy. The patient might be confronted with minor or moderate pain during the first two days after the surgery, but the pain can easily be alleviated with the medication prescribed by the plastic surgeon. Patients make quick recoveries after the Brazilian butt lift surgery, and this is one of the reasons why this procedure is so sought after. Most patients can resume daily activities within days after the procedure and work after a week from the procedure.

While the risk of developing an infection after the Brazilian butt lift is minimal, to prevent this, the plastic surgeon might recommend and prescribe antibiotics treatment for five days post-op.


Maximizing the results of the Brazilian butt lift

Because the Brazilian butt lift doesn’t just the patient’s own fat cells, the results of the procedure are highly dependent on the ability of the patient to maintain a constant weight and to follow the post-operative instructions.

A recommendation that will help you maximize the results of your Brazilian butt lift is to wear the compression garments for as long as the plastic surgeon considers it necessary. Compression garments will be worn both on the donor areas treated with liposuction and also on the buttocks. So if you want to get nice buttocks and a slim waist, make sure to wear the girdle or compression clothing. The girdle is mandatory to be worn non-stop for the first weeks after the procedure. After the first few weeks, the plastic surgeon will advise you to wear the girdle only during the day. Keep in mind that the results achieved by patients wearing the girdle are superior compared to the ones achieved by patients who fail to follow this recommendation.

Many patients want to know if they can work out after the Brazilian butt lift and whether this will put the results of the procedure in jeopardy or maximize them. The reality is somewhere in between. If you resume physical exercises too soon after the procedure, the pressure on the butt can lead to the death of the fat cells transferred. The recommendation is to wait until the plastic surgeon gives you the consent to hit the gym again. However, exercising months after the procedure will help you maximize the results of the Brazilian butt lift and ensure they last for longer. Keeping in shape and having a healthy, balanced eating routine is a good way to sustain and maximize the results of your plastic surgery.

While the goal of the Brazilian butt lift is to make your butt perkier and youthful looking, the procedure also affects the appearance of the midline if liposuction is performed here. To maximize the results achieved in the areas treated with liposuction, you should always pay attention to what you eat. While physical exercise can improve the tonus of the muscles and make you look fit, it is the eating regimen that triggers weight fluctuations. Weight fluctuations are certainly something we need to avoid if we want to sustain and maximize the results of the Brazilian butt lift.



Remarkable results can be achieved with the Brazilian butt lift method to enhance the aesthetics of the buttocks. The plastic surgeon will sculpt a firmer rear end while slimming down your waist or other areas of the body that have an excess of adipose tissue.

The Brazilian butt lift procedure makes use of the fat collected with liposuction from donor areas on the patient’s body and reinjects it in the buttocks to add volume, make the rear end rounder, and create the lifting effect.

To maximize the results achieved with the Brazilian butt lift, you should avoid intense physical exercises for at least a month after the procedure, but keep a regular physical exercise routine after the doctor gives you the green light. Keeping a balanced diet will also contribute to maximizing the results of the procedure by avoiding weight fluctuations that could trigger alteration of the aesthetic results achieved.

Compression garments will also help you maximize the results of the Brazilian butt lift. Keep in mind that the compression clothing needs to cover both the buttocks and the areas treated with liposuction.

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