Medical benefits of breast reduction surgery

Medical benefits of breast reduction surgery

27th Mar 2018

Breast Reduction Surgery Houston

Breast Reduction Surgery Houston – If a woman believes she has overly large breasts due to aesthetic reasons or the physical discomfort they cause, breast reduction surgery can be the optimal solution to correct the problem. Many of the patients who underwent the procedure had multiple health benefits aside from getting a more aesthetically pleasing appearance in the body.

When it comes to the medical benefits of breast reduction surgery, there are several that patients will benefit from if they choose to undergo the procedure, such as:

Relief from constant pain

When dealing with overly large breasts, the patient can endure a tremendous and constant level of pain that is often experienced on the back, shoulder, and neck. Huge breasts need proper support, and for a petite patient this can be a difficult task; hence the constant pain. The pain in the shoulders is often caused by the straps of the bras that dig deep in the tissues because of the excessive volume of the breasts.

For most patients, undergoing breast reduction surgery means achieving relief from the constant pain they have suffered throughout their lives. The relief will be instant shortly after the intervention as a result of minimizing the volume of the breasts.

Improved body posture

Having overly large breasts is a cause of bad body posture. Patients with excessively large breasts can develop scoliosis and kyphosis, and the overall body posture can be negatively affected. This is one of the reasons why some plastic surgeons will advise patients to undergo the procedure as soon as possible in their lives before permanent damage occurs on the spine. After the procedure, the patient can develop and sustain an improved body posture as the volume of the breasts won’t exercise the same amount of pressure on the spine.

Relief from dermatological conditions

Rashes, irritations, and mycosis are just a few of the skin conditions that can occur on the inframammary fold for patients confronted with overly large breasts. The issue is not only the occurrence of dermatological conditions but also the difficulty or impossibility to treat them. To treat skin conditions, it is often required to keep the area clean and dry at all times, but this is not possible when having overly large breasts. What causes the skin conditions in the first place, such as lack of oxygenation and constant perspiration in the area, is also a reason why these conditions can’t be properly treated. After breast reduction surgery, the patient will notice that in time and with proper treatment, the skin conditions will disappear and they won’t recur again.

Make it a priority to discuss the medical benefits of breast reduction with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. It is important to know what will happen after your breasts get smaller after the procedure.

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