Benefits of a tummy tuck The Woodlands

Benefits of a tummy tuck The Woodlands

13th Sep 2017

Tummy Tuck The Woodlands

The tummy tuck The Woodlands is a surgical procedure that has gained fame due to the aesthetic results that it provides. Although the beauty aspect is why most people want to undergo this procedure, the functional aspect can’t be overseen either as many patients tend to have an improved quality of life after the surgery.

With aging, the abdominal wall suffers some transformations. In women, due to childbirth, gynecological interventions, or simply a chaotic lifestyle, there is the possibility of forming a stomach apron that hinders the patient’s ability to move and have an active lifestyle. This unaesthetic deformation can be corrected with the help of a tummy tuck The Woodlands.

During the tummy tuck The Woodlands, the plastic surgeon can also correct a umbilical hernia and weakened abdominal muscles, providing improved aesthetic results after the intervention.

The postoperative scar after the tummy tuck The Woodlands is not very visible and can be masked by underwear. The incisions are positioned on the inferior side of the tummy. As with any other surgical intervention, abdominoplasty has its advantages and disadvantages that the patient needs to be aware of before scheduling the procedure.


The quality of life is considerably improved

The removal of the adipose and skin tissue will provide the body with a better muscular tonus and an improved contour. The patient can move more easily, look much better, and have an increased self-esteem. As a result, social relations can improve and couple relations can be more active.

It leads to more weight loss

Once the adipose baggage is removed, the last excess pounds are eliminated as well. This is especially beneficial for patients who underwent a massive weight loss program and are left with an adipose tissue on the belly. However, the tummy tuck is not a weight loss method. The abdominoplasty is not a surgical method to sort all the misconducts of the patient related to alimentary and lifestyle indiscipline.

It reduces lumbar pains

It is said that each extra pound on the abdomen tractions triple on the spine. Many of the back pains that occur in women, especially during menopause when osteoporosis sets in, are aggravated or maintained by the excess of fat deposited in the abdomen. Removing this layer of fat will also be beneficial for the spine.

It treats diastasis recti

During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles can stretch up to a level when the halves become distanced one from another. This condition is called diastasis recti and can’t be corrected with exercise. Only plastic surgery, especially the tummy tuck procedure, can fix this issue.

It corrects umbilical hernia

While performing the tummy tuck, the plastic surgeon can also fix umbilical hernia, a condition that sometimes occurs after pregnancy or multiple pregnancies.

There are plenty of medical benefits that the patient can enjoy after undergoing a tummy tuck. This plastic surgery intervention can also be performed for functional purposes, not only for aesthetic purposes. However, the patient should also be aware of the disadvantages associated with the procedure as well.


It is a complex surgery

The tummy tuck is a procedure that is performed with the patient under general anesthetic and can last up to three hours. After the plastic surgery intervention, the patient will be left with a big scar and can experience pain and discomfort for a few days or weeks after the intervention.

It has a prolonged recovery period

Due to the size of the incision, the patient needs to wear drain tubes for a few days (at most a week) after the procedure. This prolongs the recovery period and sometimes also the time spent in the medical facility. The patient can resume all physical activities within a month from the surgery. For a faster and smoother recovery, avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.

It is not a weight loss method

For patients confronted with being overweight or obese, there is the tendency to eat excessively. The fat does not necessarily deposit in the abdomen early on but may go to other areas of the body. People who are not of a normal or close to normal weight should contact a nutritionist before scheduling their plastic surgery intervention.


Every surgery has its disadvantages, but plastic surgeons and patients all agree that the benefits related to the medical and aesthetic aspect are greater than the risks and potential complications of the intervention.

Aside from the improved body aspect that can be achieved after a tummy tuck intervention, the patient can also have medical issues corrected. The patient can get rid of all these issues while achieving an enhanced profile with a firmer and flatter tummy.

Aside from fixing weakened abdominal muscles, the tummy tuck procedure can also reduce back pains that are caused by pressure from extra fat layers. After the elimination of skin and fat tissue in the abdomen and tightening of the stomach muscles, the back will get a better support, hence an improved posture and less pain.

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