Medical contraindications for breast augmentation

Medical contraindications for breast augmentation

12th Oct 2017

When we think about a sexy woman, we think about someone who has big breasts, a slim waist, and curvy buttocks. In order to achieve this figure, many women turn to diets and exercises that help accentuate their womanly figures. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of women who are not contented with the breasts that they have. They just want to make them a little bigger and a little fuller. This is possible through the breast augmentation procedure.

A breast augmentation procedure is a major surgical procedure that enhances the size and shape of the breasts, usually by using implants. It is a surgery that is only done on patients who are healthy enough to go through the procedure and the recovery. The recovery doesn’t happen instantly because it can take months or years for the body to fully recover from the procedure.

In some cases, breast augmentation isn’t advisable to people with certain medical conditions especially when they are symptomatic. This is the reason why patients are tested and assessed properly before going through the procedure. In some cases, the patient also needs to be medically cleared by the physician for the breast augmentation procedure before she can be operated on.

Among the two medical conditions where the breast augmentation is contraindicated are high blood pressure and diabetes. Having these conditions makes the breast surgery as well as other surgeries riskier. If a patient really wishes to undergo the procedure, she should make sure that her conditions are controlled first.

The breast augmentation procedure is also not advised for women who are pregnant. The surgery will just cause too much damage to the body, and recovery will be very difficult especially because the mother is carrying a child. The anesthesia and other medications used in the surgery are not advisable because it can cause more harm to the child.

The blood is also tested by most surgeons to make sure that there are no bleeding disorders. A bleeding disorder can result in excessive bleeding during the surgery. If it is not controlled, it can result in unsatisfactory results and, in worst case scenarios, even death of the patient.

Patients who have breast carcinoma or those who have a current infection are also not operated on. This is because the body is not healthy enough to go through the procedure. It is already fighting an illness and would not be able to function and heal fully. Because of this, it is possible for the patient to die because of the procedure. Surgeons would not risk the life of their patient; that is why they would rather not do the procedure.

The breast augmentation procedure is also not advisable for those who have impaired tissue on the chest area. Patients who are born with chest wall deformities would be properly assessed to determine whether they can handle the procedure or not. Those who have burns on their chest or scars may also not be able to go through the procedure because the skin wouldn’t be able to stretch over the augmentation.


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