Medical indications for butt implant surgery

Medical indications for butt implant surgery

12th Dec 2019



Having bigger buttocks is one of the hot trends these days. The reason why women with bigger buttocks are more likable is because they look more feminine and physically beautiful. But what if your buttocks are smaller or flatter? Having smaller or flatter buttocks can affect your self-esteem if you are more sensitive about your physical appearance. Most women feel less confident because of their smaller buttocks, which is why they look for ways to augment their booty.

Buttock implant surgery enhances smaller buttocks by making them artificially large. Implants are foreign objects that are inserted through incisions on the buttocks. Many people wonder as to whether there are medical indications for butt implant surgery. In other words, they want to know if the procedure is medically necessary or needed. 


Buttock implant surgery is a cosmetic and elective procedure

Buttock augmentation surgery is a purely elective procedure that is used for cosmetic purposes. What this means is that it is not medically necessary. Smaller or flatter buttocks cannot directly affect your health, except the indirect effects that I will discuss ahead in this article. 

Almost all women get buttock implants to enhance their aesthetic appearance. In my practice, I have not come across any patients that complained of health problems or medical issues arising directly from having smaller buttocks. 

Elective procedures like buttock augmentation with implants are optional procedures. If your buttocks are smaller, they will not create serious medical problems for you. The condition may or may not affect your self-esteem and quality of life, depending on how you feel about your body image. Many women have smaller buttocks, but they don’t care about the condition. Then there are others with smaller buttocks that experience self-esteem issues but not health problems. And the main reason why they decide to go under the knife is to restore their self-esteem and feel positive about their body image.

It is also worth noting here that buttock implant surgery is a highly invasive, risky, and traumatic operation. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. As such, you should consider undergoing surgery only as a last option and just when you are sure that the benefits of the procedure are higher than the risks that it entails. Furthermore, not all women qualify for the surgery. The patient is required to meet many eligibilities necessary to get the surgery.

Your candidacy will be checked during the initial consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon will assess your overall health to determine the level of risks you may be exposed to during and after the procedure. You must share your complete medical information with the plastic surgeon in advance of the surgery. In case you are suffering from some severe form of illness, the surgeon may advise you to avoid the surgery. For example, if you have severe diabetes or have experienced heart failure in the past, you may be exposed to life-threatening risks during the operation. For this reason, you will be told to avoid the butt implant surgery.

Keep in mind that your aesthetic goals and physical appearance should not be a priority. Instead, you must make your health and life as your top priorities. Do not take any risks that can trigger health complications or life-threatening risks. However, if you are not having any serious illness and your goal is to enhance the appearance of your buttocks, you may consider undergoing buttock implant surgery.


Is buttock implant surgery ever medically necessary?

Buttock implant surgery is a cosmetic procedure. It is elective and not medically necessary. However, certain subtle factors may trigger the need for butt implant surgery, such as:


–    Self-esteem issues

There is no doubt that many women with smaller or flatter buttocks experience lower self-esteem. Even though self-esteem is not a direct medical problem, prolonged and severe lower self-esteem may affect your health in different ways. For example, if you feel severe lower self-esteem, it may lead to depression, which can cause you to lose focus and ignore your health.

Some people with lower self-esteem even resort to drugs to overcome the powerful feeling of being left out. You may also neglect your nutrition, which can either lead to extreme weakness or obesity. Furthermore, lower self-esteem can affect your social life, forcing you to avoid social gatherings that can be a source of good health and healthy relationships for you. 

As a result of this factor, your health may deteriorate. In such a case, we can say that buttock augmentation with implants can be medically helpful, though it may or may not be medically necessary.


–    Cognitive problems

When someone experiences a prolonged and severe form of lower self-esteem, it can lead to cognitive problems like depression. What this means is that if you feel extremely sensitive about your smaller or flatter buttocks to the point that it triggers depression or other psychological problems, it is time you should consider getting buttock implant surgery. Mental issues are medical problems that should be treated as soon as possible. If you have tried other treatments like psychotherapies without any success and the root cause of your lower self-esteem is depression, you may consider undergoing buttock augmentation with implants.

However, beware that you must look at other causes of the psychological problem as well. For example, if you have recently gone through a divorce or have been fired from your job, you may wrongly assume that your aesthetic features are the cause of your psychological problem. To consider this option, you need to think the issue thoroughly and consult with a psychologist or psychotherapist before considering buttock implant surgery. 


–    Physical inactivity

If your buttocks are smaller and you feel insecure about them, the lower self-esteem resulting from the condition can also affect your physical activities. You may feel embarrassed to do physical activities like exercise, swimming, jogging, etc. Some women even avoid physical activities and social gatherings and instead stay indoors. As a result of physical inactivity, your health may be affected because physical activities are vital for vibrant health. Physical inactivity can trigger many health issues like heart disease, high cholesterol level, blood pressure issues, and even bone problems. If you are sure that your smaller buttocks are keeping you from physical activities and the condition is affecting your health, it is a sign you need buttock implant surgery. 


–    Poor posture

The buttocks are not only responsible for defining your aesthetic features, but their primary function also includes supporting your physical posture. People with fuller buttocks can maintain better position when walking, standing, or sitting. On the other hand, people with smaller or flatter buttocks maintain poor posture because they don’t get enough physical support from their buttocks. As a result of poor posture, you may experience physical pain in different localized areas of the body, such as your back and even your buttocks. If you are going through such a situation, then buttock implant surgery may be medically required. After the procedure, your buttocks will become fuller, which can help you maintain a proper posture and the discomforts will decrease or eliminate. 


Does insurance cover butt implant surgery?

If you are considering getting buttock implant surgery, chances are you are wondering as to whether your medical insurance will cover the operation. Keep in mind that buttock implant surgery is a purely cosmetic and elective procedure and medical insurance does not cover the surgery, not even if you want to get the procedure to overcome the medical issues explained above. These factors described above are not direct and severe medical problems. As such, health insurance policies do not cover the procedure. 

If you are facing problems financing your buttock implant surgery, you may ask the plastic surgeon whether they offer any flexible financing option to patients. The good news is that most surgeons and plastic surgery facilities do have arrangements to cover the cost of buttock implant surgery for patients who are not able to pay the entire cost of operation in a single go. 



Buttock implant surgery is an elective procedure and is not medically necessary. There are no direct medical indications associated with having smaller buttocks and hence getting butt implant surgery. Almost all women who get butt implants do so for cosmetic reasons, meaning that they merely want to enhance their buttocks and look more feminine and aesthetically appealing. However, some minor and indirect health problems may result from having smaller buttocks. I have explained those problems above. But keep in mind that even these problems are minor and do not medically necessitate buttock augmentation with implants.

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