What men ask for during plastic surgery

What men ask for during plastic surgery

07th Sep 2017

Men wanting to look aesthetically sturdy and appealing is not a new thing, but the use of plastic surgery to achieve these goals has only gained traction over the last couple of years. Today, more men are opting to go under the knife more than ever to enhance their physical appearance or to get rid of aesthetic imperfections that might be affecting their self-esteem in negative ways.

In 2015, males accounted for more than 40 percent of the total breast reduction procedures carried out in the US for the first time, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Also, 10 percent of all plastic surgeries in the US were performed on men. The most popular plastic surgery procedure among males include breast reduction, nose job, face lift, liposuction and eyelid procedure.

There are multiple things men ask for when seeking plastic surgery. The majority of them aim to overcome the negative effects of aging while others want to transform their appearance or get rid of certain physical features. Like women, men also desire to prolong their youth or appear younger. The media has been found to be a big influence for men seeking plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery trend among men

While the desire to appear younger is completely natural, undergoing plastic surgery to achieve your aesthetic goals should be made carefully. It has been noted that most men go about plastic surgery very carelessly without thinking of the consequences. Lack of prior research can land you in the hands of inexperienced practitioners. This makes plastic surgery relatively risky.

Using plastic surgery to enhance your appearance is an effective option, but only as a last resort. Make it a point to gather as much information as possible about the particular procedure and pick a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon to perform it.

The taste of men in regards to the ideal aesthetic appearance has changed over time. The reshaping of the skull, higher hairline, breast reduction, liposuction, facial enhancement, and body lifting was a foreign concept to men up until decades ago. Today’s men want to look better, or even radically unique. Majority of men ask for an improved version of themselves when seeking plastic surgery. They want their physical appearance to be tweaked, instead of completely changed.

Fast treatment and quick recovery

Fast treatment and quick recovery are what most men demand when looking for plastic surgery. Men have an inherent tendency of being impatient. They want a quick recovery so they can return to their work and routine as soon as possible.

The first question of most men seeking plastic surgery is, “How long will the treatment and recovery take?” The downtime involved in plastic surgery is what most men loathe the most. This is one of the reasons why the trend of plastic surgery is not as strong among men as it is among women.

Men mostly prefer quick, non-invasive procedures. Cosmetic procedures such as CoolSculpting can be finished within an hour. During the procedure, the patient will also be able to spend time reading or using his laptop. The discomforts are very little and the patient will be in a position to resume his daily activities immediately after the procedure. However, the results of non-invasive cosmetic procedures are not as effective as that of plastic surgery.

A masculine physique

While women go under the knife to enhance their feminine side, men reinforce their masculinity by improving their physique through plastic surgery. Unlike women, who are more concerned about their facial features, men are more concerned with their upper and lower body.

The most popular plastic surgery procedures among men are liposuction, body lift, and breast reduction. Most men consider facial enhancement procedures as secondary. Non-invasive interventions like CoolSculpting and Vaser High Definition Liposuction are popular among men as they enhance their bodies quickly and involve no downtime. Majority of men ask for enhancement of the abdomen, chest, arms, and rear when looking for plastic surgery.

Most men are busy and have little time to spare for exercise or lifestyle changes to enhance their bodies, so they resort to plastic surgery or non-invasive cosmetic methods to achieve their aesthetic goals. There has been a gradual rise in the demand among men for plastic surgery procedures and the future seems promising. The effective and sustainable results are the reasons why men are increasingly going under the knife.

A natural look

Human beings have an innate desire to appear natural, and this is found equally in men and women. Like women, men also desire to get a physique that looks natural and non-obvious. However, men are more sensitive when it comes to subtle cosmetic treatments.

Majority of men repeatedly emphasize on natural appearance during their consultation with plastic surgeons. They don’t want their body to appear fake or obvious. While there are a number of male plastic surgery procedures that have become acceptable over time, most men will still tell their plastic surgeons to make sure that the results are as subtle but effective as possible.

More hair

Men love hair, and most of them would go to greater lengths to make sure they have enough of it. Just as women believe the breasts and buttocks symbolize femininity and fertility, most men believe the amount of their body hair is representative of their masculinity. Men desire to appear masculine, younger, and attractive.

Most men use Platelet Rich Plasma to ensure their hair is intact and any lost hair is grown back. Men want their hair to be thicker and natural. Having no body hair leaves men with lower self-esteem as it makes them appear effeminate.

No discomfort

When it comes to pain tolerance, women are tougher and can bear intense pain and discomfort during recovery period. Men, on the other hand, want no pain and discomfort during their recovery. One of the common questions men ask from plastic surgeons is, “How much pain and discomfort is involved in the treatment?”

Women consider their physical beauty very important and are ready to bear great pain for it. Physical beauty makes little difference to most men, so they want painless procedures.

Men ask for more hair, but without pain. This is why a modern hair transplant method called Vectus has become popular among men. The same holds true for other plastic surgery inquiries. It will take men time to understand that pain and discomfort involved in plastic surgeon are temporary and minimal when compared to the results they will get from it.

Youthful appearance

Most men want to appear youthful and they express this openly to their plastic surgeons. However, most men are still scared to go under the knife to achieve this goal. Men hate pain and downtime, both of which are common in plastic surgery.

Majority of men choose to settle for non-invasive cosmetic methods like face lifting with Ulthera to appear youthful. However, the results of non-invasive methods are ineffective and unsustainable. To get effective and sustainable aesthetic outcomes, men should be ready to make sacrifices.


A large number of men undergo plastic surgery procedures each year to enhance their looks, and the trend is increasing according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The only difference between men and women is that men accept the trend gradually as they are not as concerned about their physical appearance as women. This is the reason why many men are not ready to bear the pain, discomfort, and the downtime of plastic surgery.

Many men are still undergoing plastic surgery, but for different reasons. The aesthetic goals of men are different from that of women. Men want to appear fit, masculine, and healthy. Despite the growing trend, men may need more time to embrace plastic surgery as a solution to their aesthetic problems.

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