Men choose plastic surgery to look younger

Men choose plastic surgery to look younger

27th Sep 2017

During the last few years, statistics released by the American and European Plastic Surgery Societies show that liposuction, face lift, eyelid surgery and hyaluronic acid injections are the top most requested plastic surgery interventions for men.

Up until a few years ago, it was mostly associated with women drawn to the promise of youthful looks but in recent years, men have increasingly accepted plastic surgery as a definitive step towards enhancing the body and maintaining a physically appealing appearance.

Men and plastic surgery

Men in their 50s concede that the fat pockets that accumulated in certain parts of the body like the abdomen and flanks, as well as the wrinkle lines and deep grooves in their faces, make them look so much older and impacts on their personal and professional lives.

In the past, some of the male patients chose to postpone their plans to have plastic surgery because society generally viewed interventions like these in a negative light, and more so when the patients were male. We have also come across patients who were more concerned about the common side effects of the plastic procedure interventions like swelling and bruising since they did not want their friends and families or co-workers to find out they had plastic surgery.

I tell my patients that I believe that the most important thing is to feel happy and contented with our bodies and if this means that we need to resort to plastic surgery, then go for it. There is no shame in it for as long as the goal is improvement and not perfection.

The trend in men’s plastic surgery probably started with the celebrities from Hollywood who would do anything to maintain the physical shape that made them famous in the first place.

What are the plastic surgery interventions most desired by men?

Eyelid surgery, facial lifting and liposuction are at the top of the list of preferred interventions by male patients.

The eyelid surgery is a surgical intervention that removes the excess skin on the lids and revivifies the eyes making it look brighter and fresher. The procedure is mostly performed on men over 35 years. This type of intervention can also be performed on younger patients to improve the inborn droopy appearance of the eyelid or to eliminate dark circles and eye bags.

Face lifts rejuvenate the face, making it appear more rested and youthful looking, eliminates jowls and other unappealing effects of weight gain.

The changes brought by the facial lifting procedure are not achieved with just nonsurgical rejuvenating treatments as they won’t change the characteristic physiognomy, nor stop the irreversible process of aging. Keep in mind that the facial lifting procedure offers best results for people who have a good skin elasticity and a strong and well-defined bone structure.

Liposuction can also erase years of your body, especially if you have amassed excess fats in your abdomen and flanks that makes you look portly. Belly fat in men is very common especially after a certain age. Liposuction can correct these issues, offering you an improved body profile and a much younger and healthier appearance.

When the skin condition of the patient is poor, the plastic surgeon will recommend a tummy tuck procedure to correct the issues of excess skin and fat tissue in the abdomen. This will make your midline look more toned and firm.

Another age related condition that can occur among men is swelling of the breast tissues. This can be corrected with the help of a gynecomastia intervention, a procedure that will eliminate the excessive skin and tissue in the chest area and create a more muscular bust.

Male plastic surgery: the reasons behind it

Male aesthetics has been on the rise over the last few years. The overriding need to maintain a youthful and dynamic appearance to stay competitive in the professional world for a longer time has overcome stigmas associated with male plastic surgery in the past. The current health and fitness trend has also changed male attitude towards plastic surgery, diets and exercises.

Plastic surgery is popular for men between ages 40-60 years as this is usually the time when the signs of aging are becoming more visible.

Plastic surgery interventions can quickly correct aesthetic flaws without too much effort. When considering whether to have plastic surgery, it is prudent to weigh the positives and negatives such as costs of surgery and the potential risks associated with any type of surgical intervention. When the benefits far outweigh the risks, it will be an easy decision to make.

There are men who stay in shape and look fit by doing regular physical exercises combined with a balanced and healthy diet. Still, some of these men would still be interested in “getting work done” to look young longer.

Men elect to have plastic surgery for other reasons like a divorce, or for social and professional advancement because in this corporate climate where youth and masculinity is embraced, looking good gives you the competitive edge.


Some men think the visible effects of an aging body make them look tired, passive, over-the-hill, and less productive. They equate professional advancements, success, power and influence with a youthful, masculine and rejuvenated appearance.

Of course, there are other men who undergo plastic surgery to narrow their age discrepancy with that of their much younger life partners or because they were inspired by the successful procedures of their spouses/partners and they want to look just as good.

Generally speaking, most men become more attentive to the changes on their bodies effected by age and time and it has galvanized them to look into different improvement methods, including plastic surgery interventions. The immediate improvements in the overall appearance of the body offered by plastic surgery has strongly motivated them to consider age defying procedures to fix imperfections, flaws and look younger.

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