Methods to fix sagging, far apart breasts

Methods to fix sagging, far apart breasts

18th Nov 2017

Big breasts are sexy and appealing in its prime, but they can also be the source of a lot of discontentment and frustration with age. Having a larger volume, they can be more difficult to look after, and it is a well-known fact that sagging occurs more frequently and earlier for big breasts compared to smaller breasts. We believe it is essential for you to know that there are solutions on hand to avoid saggy breasts along with treatment options when the prevention has failed. Saggy breasts happens to all women as part of the aging process, so being extremely careful and looking after your breasts and lifestyle is not always a fail-proof solution to avoid breast sagging.

The occurrence of breast sagging

There are no miracle creams, natural supplements, and other naturist remedies to lift the breasts once they started sagging. The process is caused mostly by genetic factors, gravity and age and it can’t be avoided in many cases. Do you have big breasts and you are worried they will start sagging, or are you already facing this issue? Before anything else, you need to know that breast sagging is a natural phenomenon that occurs even in women with smaller breast. . Due to weight and volume, it will just be more visible when you have bigger breasts.

As we have already mentioned, sagging breasts can’t be avoided in 100% of the cases, but you must know that your lifestyle choices, weight fluctuations, as well as the clothes you choose to wear can affect the skin’s elasticity, firmness and fullness. That said, there are a few practical solutions to help you hide or minimize imperfections caused by sagging breasts. Aside from short-term solutions, there are several techniques of modern plastic surgery that can specifically address and correct breast issues like sagginess and any other breast imperfections.

Generally speaking, the breasts go through progressive changes and development between ages 20 and 40. Loss of breasts firmness or sagging occurs most often among women with a more generous bust, but it can also be due to genes, multiple pregnancies, drastic weight loss or just the natural aging process.

Even for women who are past a certain age, it is no longer impossible to have firm, full, young looking breasts. Today, plastic surgery represents a fast and efficient way to reshape and improve the initial shape of the breasts. More specifically, breast augmentation has become one of the most common and popular plastic surgery procedures, not just in the US, but worldwide.

Surgical methods to correct sagging:

1. Breast implant surgery

This type of intervention is usually recommended for breasts with a mild level of sagging. Mammary implants represent a surgical intervention frequently performed all over the world, and it is about the augmentation of the breasts with the help of breast prosthesis. The results become visible shortly after the procedure is performed and the appearance of the breasts becomes more and more natural once the tissues are healed. You can already correct a mild breast ptosis and make your breasts firmer and more contoured through breast implant surgery.

For the first two weeks after the intervention, only moderate activities with no strenuous lifting are recommended. Gradually, normal activities can be resumed, including going back to work. In most cases, after a month or maximum two months, the patient can even begin sports activities again.

Just like any other surgical procedures, this method carries risks and possible complications like rotation or displacement of the implants or the occurrence of capsular contracture (thickening of the biological shell formed around the implant). To ensure a successful surgery and achieve optimal results, there are important matters to discuss with your plastic surgeon such as the quality of the implant, the shell of the implant, the content of the implant as well as the positioning inside the breasts, the incision type, and the shape of the breast implants.

2. Breast lifting

The second method recommended for severe cases of breasts ptosis is breast lifting procedure. During this intervention, the position, shape and structure of the breasts will be redone, the remaining tissues remodeled and the excess skin removed. Post-operatively, a breast lift restores the youthful firmness, shape and perkiness while looking so natural.

To hasten recovery and ensure proper healing, engage in light, normal activities but again, no strenuous exercises or heavy lifting until full healing. Recovery is easier and faster than breast implant surgery since the pectoral muscle has lesser tension, and movements are not as restricted.

Other risks and complications are possible short-term occurrence of hematoma or seroma, vascularization conditions of the areola or the breasts skin. On the long term, there is the risk of secondary ptosis and fat cysts deep in the mammary gland.

3. A combination of breast implants and breast lifting

There are situations when the sagging or far apart breasts can’t be corrected with just the implant. When this happens, the breast implant surgery will be combined with a breast lift. The recovery period will be determined by the type of implant, and it follows the same healing principles.

It is essential that before making a decision to undergo surgery, the patient must get all the information available and to discuss with the plastic surgeon, each and every aspect of the surgical intervention in order to be able to choose the most suitable option that would fit lifestyle.

It is also important to mention that the plastic surgery methods to fix sagging breasts do not provide permanent results. The results of the intervention might be affected again by the very same factors that produced the sagging in the first place.

This is why we always recommend a few other solutions to avoid recurring sagginess of the breasts and to enable the patient to enjoy the results of the surgery for a longer period of time.

1. Exercise regularly for breast firmness

The breasts does not have muscles, just skin, fat tissue and the mammary gland, but its condition can be affected by the tonus of the pectoral muscle. This is why it is important to exercise on a regular basis to preserve the results from the surgery.

2. Always wear special support bra when you are exercising

It is recommended for the sports bra to have separate cups for each breast to prevent the breasts from rubbing during exercise.

3. Avoid drastic weight loss diets and programs

As we have mentioned before, the breasts are mostly made out of adipose tissue. If you suddenly lose a lot of weight, the sagging effect will be more pronounced, and if you gain weight suddenly, you also risk the occurrence of stretch marks on your breasts. Drink plenty of water daily and consume food rich in vitamins E and C to maintain skin elasticity.

4. Choose your bra correctly

The most suitable bra for voluminous breasts is the one with a full cup featuring wires under the breasts that are meant to offer additional support. The band that goes around the body should be wider, as well as the bra straps. Don’t choose a bra that is too small, mistakenly thinking that it will help with the breasts lifting effect, as there is nothing pleasing in seeing bulging breasts or the “wave” of breasts that forms on top of your bra.

5. Finish every shower or bath with a short stream of cold water on top of your breasts

This practice has a tonic effect and stimulates the circulation of blood in the area. At the same time, it is recommended to massage your breasts regularly to maintain the elasticity of the skin.


Sagging breasts occur more frequently in women with more voluminous breasts, compared to women with smaller breasts, but this does not mean that smaller breasts are exempt from sagginess.

There are several plastic surgery methods to fix sagging breasts such as breast implant surgery and breast lifting procedure. The so-called natural methods to correct breast sagginess such as creams, naturist pills and so on do not provide any long lasting results.

Breast sagginess can’t always be avoided, but there are ways to ensure the results of your plastic surgery will last longer.

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