Modern trends in plastic surgery

Modern trends in plastic surgery

05th Jul 2019

Modern trends in plastic surgery


There are trends in each field, including plastic surgery. Depending on the beauty standards of each generation and the influences of celebrities or public people, the modern trends in plastic surgery change every few years. The last few years have been under the influence of the big booty trend, and other procedures that have been very in demand lately are fat transfer procedures. 

There are celebrities nowadays that are famous all over the world for little more aside from the alluring appearance and size of their buttocks. At the same time, more and more people discover that big booties are really sexy and that their body shape could really be improved by getting implants or a fat transfer to the buttocks.

Butt implant surgery has been performed with high success rates for more than a few years now. The procedure is desired by both men and women who have a butt that is too small compared to the rest of their anatomy. Women can also choose to undergo buttock lipofilling to moderately increase the size of their buttocks and give them a nicer shape. The butt lipofilling procedure is just one of the multiple fat transfer procedures that are currently very popular and a modern trend in plastic surgery.

Fat transfer procedures include the use of liposuction to collect fat cells from areas where they are in excess, processing those cells and reinjecting the healthy ones into areas of the body that could use the boost of volume. The most popular fat transfer procedures are fat grafting to the butt and breasts, but it can also be performed on the hips.

It is pertinent to mention that over the last few years, the aim of plastic surgery has shifted from correcting one feature of the body to improving the overall appearance of the body. For example, we have the hourglass procedures, which are a combination of procedures performed with the goal of helping the patient achieve the hourglass figure. They often include a corrective procedure, and often a tummy tuck is combined with liposuction and fat transfer to the hips to create the beautiful curves that define the hourglass silhouette.

Even if fat transfer procedures have become more and more in demand and popular nowadays, the most performed plastic surgery procedures are still breast augmentation with implants and liposuction. Breast implant surgery has been performed for over six decades now, and success rates continue to go through the roof. Keep in mind that if you want to maximize the results achieved with plastic surgery and avoid unnecessary complications, it is essential to choose a talented, experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon to play out your procedure. He will advise what procedure is most suitable for you.


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