Mommy makeover what to do before surgery

18th Oct 2018

The Mommy Makeover intervention has the purpose of remodeling the breasts, abdomen and other areas of the body of new mothers who are not pleased with their aesthetic appearance after one or multiple pregnancies.
But what do you need to know before scheduling your Mommy Makeover intervention? First of all, this decision should be taken after you have reached a normal or close to ideal weight and you have had no weight fluctuations during the least six months. Preferably, you should not plan a new pregnancy in the future because otherwise the improvements achieved with the Mommy Makeover might be negatively altered and you might need additional interventions after the pregnancy again. Aside from these, there are a few more things you need to consider before scheduling the intervention:
You have a good health condition
During the initial consultation, you should reveal to your plastic surgeon all the details about your medical history, current afflictions, and medication plans. Smoking needs to be stopped at least two weeks before and after the procedure, and the same goes for birth control pills.
You need to take some time off from work
The hospitalization after the Mommy Makeover is usually no longer than a day, but the recommendation is to take it easy once you get back at home. To have a fast and uneventful recovery, it is important to follow the surgeon’s recommendations and not only the ones related to taking time off from work. You will most probably need to take a short break from being the main caretaker of the family, so be prepared to ask your partner, a family member or a friend to help you with cooking, cleaning and other chores around the house, at least for a few days. After the Mommy Makeover, you should avoid lifting heavy objects, staying bent down from the middle, sleeping on the back and ample arms movements. This means that your movements are quite limited for about two weeks, the time that takes until your body recovers.
You need to set up realistic expectations
Plastic surgery doesn’t turn normal patients into supermodels or celebrities. The purpose of the Mommy Makeover is to create a balance in the size of proportions, to eliminate the skin and fat excess and to correct the dimensions and position of the breasts. The scar will leave behind scars, bruises and swelling that will get better with time. The good news is that the incision made for the tummy tuck which is the largest one is low enough to be covered by the panty line. In the case of breast augmentation, the scars are hidden in the inframammary fold, but if the breast reduction or breast lift to correct a severe ptosis, the scars are larger and usually placed around the areolas, from the areolas towards the inframammary fold and in the inframammary fold.
It is important to know what to expect after the Mommy Makeover and to prepare for when you get back home from the medical facility.

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