Move forward with confidence via plastic surgery

Move forward with confidence via plastic surgery

28th Dec 2019

Move forward with confidence via plastic surgery


Getting plastic surgery nowadays is more affordable and easier than ever before. The development of modern medicine has allowed us to reduce the risks and potential complications while making the results more natural and long-lasting. This doesn’t mean that undergoing plastic surgery is completely pain or risk-free, and patients should be fully aware of all that the procedure entails. 

Before undergoing plastic surgery, you should have at least one meeting with the plastic surgeon who will perform the procedure. During the initial meeting with the surgeon, you will get a chance to ask all the questions you might have about the procedure and also allow the plastic surgeon to assess your candidacy for the procedure fully. Not all people wanting to undergo plastic surgery are actually eligible candidates for the procedures they are interested in. 

To move forward with confidence through plastic surgery, you should first find a suitable surgeon. Make sure to select an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who plays out procedures like the one you are interested in on a routine basis. This is important as experience is many times crucial for the success of a procedure, especially a complex or delicate one. A responsible and talented plastic surgeon will be able to guide you through this process. Plastic surgery is not just the operating time, the trip to the clinic, and what happens when the procedure is performed. Plastic surgery is also the preparation period and what comes after. When it comes to certain procedures, what happens during the recovery period is just as important as what happens during surgery. 

To be able to move forward with confidence, patients should know exactly how things will evolve. For example, in many cases, the first two days post-op will have a certain level of pain and discomfort that will be experienced by the patient. Moreover, there are side effects that can occur during the beginning of the recovery period. Among these side effects are seroma, hematoma, swelling and bruising. Also, there is a high risk of infection for 24-72 hours post-op, especially if the procedure required significant incisions.

Patients are required to follow a strict post-operative protocol that includes taking antibiotics for five days post-op and pain medication for about two to five days. Wearing compression garments is also recommended after plastic surgery. The compression garments need to be worn for a minimum of four to six months, but it depends on the procedure and the instructions of the plastic surgeon. 

As you can see, getting plastic surgery is not as simple as a trip to the hair salon. There are specific requirements that need to be fulfilled and even sustaining the results entail a certain level of dedication from the patient. 


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