Multiple plastic surgeries for great result

18th Oct 2018

The hourglass procedures are major operations. Whether it is the hourglass butt augmentation, hourglass liposuction, hourglass breast augmentation, or hourglass tummy tuck, the plastic surgeon will thoroughly assess your health and examine your body when determining your candidacy for the procedure.
Depending on your aesthetic condition, you may require more than one hourglass intervention to achieve the hourglass body, which features a smaller waist, wider hips, and fuller buttocks.
Many patients ask how many hourglass procedures they can have in one sitting. Given the seriousness of the procedures and the associated risks, I do not normally perform more than two hourglass procedures at once. Depending on your aesthetic needs, you may qualify for a combination of the:
1. Hourglass butt augmentation and hourglass hips
2. Hourglass liposuction and hourglass hips
3. Hourglass tummy tuck and hourglass liposuction
You may ask why more than two hourglass procedures cannot be performed at once. First off, one or two hourglass procedures are enough to achieve the hourglass body for most patients.
For example, if your butt is flatter or smaller, your hips are narrow, and you have stubborn fat pockets in your abdomen area, your surgeon may recommend a combination of the hourglass liposuction and fat transfer to your butt and hips. During the liposuction, the excess fat will be removed from your abdomen, sides, and flanks. This will help reduce the size of your waist. The removed fat will then be transferred to your butt and hips, which will result in a fuller butt and wider hips. Your body will appear curvaceous, which is the core feature of the hourglass procedure.
Secondly, undergoing more than two procedures at once means greater risks. It is totally acceptable to undergo two procedures in one session; however, when a third procedure is added, the risks and side effects will increase. You can still have breast surgery or lift combine with hourglass procedures but it will depend on the severity of the problem.
Also, when you undergo more than two procedures in one session, you will experience more discomfort during the recovery period. For example, you will be required to avoid resting or sleeping on your back and front because the surgical wounds will be damaged, which will create health and aesthetic problems for you. This is the reason I don’t combine an hourglass tummy tuck with an hourglass buttock augmentation. Moreover, the recovery period will be longer. If you want to have a comfortable, smooth, and quick recovery, be sure to avoid more than two hourglass procedures at once.

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