My breasts are huge. what can i do?

My breasts are huge. what can i do?

18th May 2019



Breasts are among the most representative features of a woman’s anatomy. They are often represented as a symbol of maternity but also femininity and sex appeal. The appearance of the breasts can build confidence, or just the opposite, to create serious emotional complexes for women who don’t have breasts that are in line with the rest of their anatomy.

While the passing of time and different other factors can affect the appearance of the breasts, there is little that we can do to improve their appearance without the help of plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery offers solutions for breasts that are overly small, overly large, and also saggy. In this article, we will discuss a case when the breasts are huge and the patient wants to know what she can do to correct the issue.


Changes that occur in the breasts

It is only natural for the breasts to change their appearance and also their consistency, shape, and size throughout the lifetime of the woman. Even small changes in diet can affect the appearance of the breasts.

The changes that occur in the breasts can cause worry, and the recommendation is always to contact a doctor for consultation if the changes that occur are significant. Here are some factors that can influence the appearance of the breasts and trigger changes:

–    Weight gain

When we put on weight, our whole body is affected, but not necessarily in the same manner. Some women tend to deposit fat tissue in excess in the tummy, flanks or thighs. Other women might deposit the excess in the upper body (abdomen, breasts, and arms).

Generally speaking, when considerable weight gain occurs, the breasts will suffer changes as well, and the adipose tissue on the breasts can increase its size. The breasts are made out of skin envelope, glandular tissue, and fat tissue. The fat cells in the breasts will react to weight gain just like the other tissues in the body and according to the shape of the woman’s body and her genetic predisposition.

This means that women who have huge breasts can be confronted with a generalized excess of weight. But in some cases, even after weight loss occurs, the breasts might remain big and saggy on the chest wall due to the relaxation of the ligaments of the breasts that can’t retract.


–    Pregnancy

During pregnancy, there is often an increase in the size of the breasts. Different hormones are responsible for getting more blood delivered to the mammary tissue. For some women, the increase in the volume of the breasts can also be associated with a level of pain and slight swelling of the area. Some women can experience the growth of their breasts until the later phases of the pregnancy and even during breastfeeding.

Each woman is different, but what is important to understand is that changes that occur in the breasts during pregnancy are normal and can’t be prevented. This is also the reason why a responsible plastic surgeon will advise you to schedule plastic surgery only after you are done having children so as not to affect and ruin the aesthetic results achieved with the procedure.


–    Birth control medication

Changes in the breasts can also occur as a result of taking birth control medication. This is a side effect that is mentioned on the box, but it can affect different women in different ways. The reason behind the change is the fact that birth control medication can contain estrogen, a hormone that can be responsible for a slight increase in the volume of the breasts.


–    Puberty

There is probably no other period in a person’s life associated with more changes than puberty. In women, during puberty, an important quantity of estrogen causes multiple physical changes. In some teenage girls, the changes can occur gradually while in others they can be unexpected and overnight. The overdevelopment of the breasts can occur during puberty, often due to the hormonal imbalances or as a result of a genetic predisposition.


Huge breasts: What are the options?

If you are having issues because of the excessive size and volume of your breasts, the first thing you should do is go see the doctor. The breasts can be huge as a result of an excessive accumulation of fat or excessive growth of the mammary gland.

A consultation with the plastic surgeon will give you more details about the procedures that can be performed in this case. I had patients with overly large breasts coming in for a consultation and asking about liposuction. It is important to understand what liposuction can and can’t do, especially when performed on the delicate tissues of the breasts. I rarely, if ever, recommend liposuction on the breasts. However, things can be very different if the patient is a man.

Men can also be confronted with having overly large, feminine looking breasts. It is an aesthetic issue that can have an impact on the self-esteem and self-image of the patient. Hence many patients resort to plastic surgery to correct it. When a man has big breasts caused by an excess of fat tissue, the recommended procedure is indeed liposuction on the chest. Using liposuction, we can redefine the whole area of the chest and create a more masculine appearance. However, the skin on the chest in men is very different from the skin envelope of the breasts in women. Men often achieve good results after liposuction on the chest and if they are after a certain age or the skin presents sagginess, the skin tissue in excess can be removed as well.

In men, when the big breasts consist mostly of an excess of mammary gland tissue, the solution is no longer liposuction, but another procedure called gynecomasty. When this procedure is performed, the plastic surgeon will make incisions that will help him remove the excess of the mammary gland and also the skin and fat tissue to create a beautiful, manly chest. Liposuction can be performed with gynecomasty if necessary to enhance the results.

For women, the most often performed procedure to reduce the size of huge breasts is breast reduction surgery. The procedure is similar to gynecomastia performed in men. The plastic surgeon will often need three incisions to be able to access the glandular tissue and remove the excess fat and skin tissue. The plastic surgeon can eliminate a quantity of mammary gland that is equal or even more to the quantity of mammary tissue that remains, depending on the aesthetic goals of the patient and how big the breasts are. When the plastic surgeon has to remove more than half a kilogram of tissue from each breast, the procedure can be supported by health insurance. Make sure to check with the current regulations or your plastic surgeon.

To better understand what procedure is more suitable to correct overly large breasts, the patient is advised to schedule a meeting first with the plastic surgeon. There are cases when there is a false impression of huge breasts because the breasts are sagging very low on the chest wall. This can happen after multiple pregnancies, considerable weight loss, or due to aging. The plastic surgeon will evaluate the structure of the breasts and decide whether a breast reduction surgery is necessary or a breast lift would be enough. The main difference between the breast lift and breast reduction is that when the lift is performed, the mammary gland tissue is re-centered but remains intact and no part of it is removed. When breast reduction is performed, the mammary gland tissue that is in excess will be eliminated.



If you are confronted with overly large or huge breasts, there is no reason to worry as plastic surgery has solutions for both men and women patients of different ages. For men with big, feminine-looking breasts, there are two types of procedures to make the chest look more masculine. Liposuction is used when there is an excess of fat tissue, sometimes combined with a chest lift to eliminate saggy skin. If big breasts are caused by the excessive growth of the mammary gland, gynecomasty is performed.

In women, breast reduction surgery is often performed to reduce the size and volume of huge breasts. However, there can be cases when the patient has the false impression of having overly large breasts when the breasts are just excessively saggy. In this case, the breast lift might be enough to correct the issue.

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