My breasts are too small after breast reduction

My breasts are too small after breast reduction

18th Feb 2019

The perfect breasts are an ideal for most women. Either too small or overly big, it is rare for women to have breasts that are in perfect harmony with the rest of the body or the perfect size. While most women are scheduling their breast augmentation procedures to get bigger, fuller breasts, there are plenty of women who are researching breast reduction surgery as well.

Overly large breasts are not always a blessing like many people think. They can be quite a burden for a woman, especially if she has a petite size. Often, women with excessively large breasts are suffering from back, neck and shoulder pain and are confronted with other discomforts.

Breast reduction surgery is all about reducing the size of overly large breasts that are sagging low on the chest wall. The procedure is performed for both an aesthetic and functional goal, and in some cases it can be supported by health insurance if the weight of the breasts is over a certain value. There are patients with big breasts for whom breast reduction is a choice; for others with overly large breasts, the procedure becomes a necessity, otherwise health complications can develop. Women with breasts that weigh a lot can find it difficult to engage in physical activities, and this often translates into weight accumulating in other areas of the body and an impossibility to keep fit. Other women with the same issue develop abnormal body postures due to the pressure the breasts put on the spine.

Decreasing the size of the breasts from overly big to normal with the help of breast reduction surgery can transform the life of the patient. After breast reduction surgery, the patient benefits from increased mobility, and day-to-day activities that used to create discomfort become easy to engage in.

When breast reduction surgery is performed, the plastic surgeon works to reduce the size of the breasts and also to remodel them into a nice shape and the anatomically correct position on the chest wall. All structures of the breasts are addressed during this procedure: the mammary gland, the skin envelope, and the subcutaneous fat tissue. There are certain standard benchmarks that plastic surgeons use to draw the marks before the procedure is performed. There are also different surgical methods, and choosing the right one for your particular case will take into consideration the shape and volume of the breasts and also the experience of the plastic surgeon.

While breast reduction surgery often delivers impressive results, there is always the risk of achieving unsatisfactory results after the procedure. For example, some patients might find their breasts too small after the breast reduction procedure. As a guideline, a full C cup is considered a good result after the procedure, but the final appearance of the breasts and their size is also dependent on the discussion you had with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. Your breasts might look much smaller than they used to be after the procedure and this is completely normal. On the other hand, if your breasts are much smaller (a cup or two smaller than discussed with the plastic surgeon), you might want to get a second opinion and maybe consider augmenting the size of the breasts with fat transfer or implants.

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