My breasts look so different one-week after breast reduction surgery

My breasts look so different one-week after breast reduction surgery

22nd Dec 2019


When it comes to undergoing plastic surgery so delicate and complex as breast reduction, patients should know that there are always risks involved. Some of these risks are common to all surgeries such as the risk of developing an infection, blood clot formation, seromas, and hematomas, while others are more specific to the procedure. 

Breast reduction is performed on patients with overly large breasts to reduce their volume and make them firm and perky. Breast ptosis is a common issue for women with overly large breasts that are often saggy on the chest wall. After surgery, the breasts should be smaller, perkier and with a beautiful, natural shape. However, there are specific risks associated with this procedure, and one of them is getting slight asymmetries after surgery.

There are patients who notice that their breasts look so different one week or more after the surgery. How could this happen, you ask? Before anything else, we should mention that the breasts can heal at a different pace. Moreover, the appearance of the breasts should never be assessed so early in the recovery process as differences can normally occur. 

After the procedure, the breasts will be swollen and bruised. Small seromas and hematomas can also occur, as well as other minor side effects that will disappear over the course of a few weeks without any additional treatment. Even the incisions can look different from one breast to the other. One breast can be more swollen than the other due to a sleeping position or many other causes, so slight differences between the breasts shouldn’t be a major reason for concern.

However, the differences that can be noticed one week after the surgery can develop into breast asymmetries in the long term. This can happen due to many reasons, and the plastic surgeon might warn you about this, especially if the volume of your breasts before the procedure is excessive. Keep in mind that it is not unnatural for a minor revision surgery to be performed after the initial breast reduction if the quantity of breast tissue to be eliminated was significant. Moreover, it is important to remember that breasts are sisters and not twins. Perfect symmetry is not in the goals of plastic surgery, and you shouldn’t expect this after breast reduction surgery. 

To avoid asymmetries after breast reduction surgery, make sure to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon to play out your procedure and follow his recommendations to the letter. Sleeping or resting on the tummy is strictly contraindicated for a minimum of three weeks post-op, so make sure to follow this instruction. 

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