My butt keeps shrinking after fat grafting

My butt keeps shrinking after fat grafting

20th Jan 2020


More and more women nowadays are dissatisfied with the appearance of their rear ends. Each day we see celebrities showing impressive buttocks that are perfectly round and rather large and very sexy. This has triggered the big booty craze that seems to have taken over the world in the last decade. Fortunately, there is good news for women interested in getting a bigger butt without the need to resort to implants. 

There is another plastic surgery procedure performed nowadays that is completely safe and delivering impressive results that are all natural. It is known under the name of fat grafting or lipofilling, and it entails the use of fat cells collected from areas of the body where there are in excess to be injected into the rear end of the patient. As you can understand from the description of the procedure, it not only delivers perkier, larger buttocks, but also remodels the areas affected by the surplus of fat. What happens when this procedure is performed is the dream of many women: taking fat from where it is not wanted and moving it to the buttocks. Now it is obvious why the procedure has seen such an incredible rise in demand over the last few years and is considered one of the most desired procedures of the century. But how are the results achieved?

When we use implants to augment the buttocks, things are rather simple: the butt will have a larger volume, according to the size of the implant that was used. But how big can the butt get after using fat grafting? And, a more important question, how long will the fat stay inside the buttocks?

These are just some of the questions that we often hear during the pre-operative consultation. Moreover, there are patients coming after the procedure to say that their buttocks are shrinking. This is normal. The results of butt lipofilling are sustainable; however, the patient needs to be careful about losing weight. After fat transfer, the butt can shrink if the patient continues to lose weight. Three months after the procedure, the fat cells transferred are already behaving like the fat cells that were initially there. But if weight loss occurs, the buttocks will get smaller.

It is also important to mention that in the first two to three months after fat grafting, the butt will decrease in size compared to how it looked immediately after the surgery. This is a normal process and patients interested in the procedure should be aware of this. The plastic surgeon should explain how things are going to happen from the pre-operative consultation. During the first months, the body can absorb up to 30% of the fat that was transferred, so this might give the patient the impression that the butt keeps shrinking, but it will stop as soon as the fat cells transferred will develop a new blood network. 


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