My partner wants me to get plastic surgery

My partner wants me to get plastic surgery

15th Nov 2019

My partner wants me to get plastic surgery


Nowadays it is rather easy to correct or improve the appearance of the body with plastic surgery. Moreover, the enhancement of the features of the body can occur in a matter of a few hours. This means that patients who have always struggled and dealt with emotional complexes due to the small size of their breasts can get an augmentation in no more than two hours. But is this enough of a reason to undergo plastic surgery? Just because it is so accessible and the risks are often minimal?

From time to time I have patients who tell me that it is actually their partner who wants them to undergo plastic surgery. Other times I have patients coming for revision surgery also because they made unwise decisions based on their partner’s influence. Often, we are talking about breast and butt augmentations. It is more and more obvious that most men find appealing women with curves. This means big breasts, big buttocks and a nice hip to waist ratio. This is nothing out of the ordinary. However, if you are happy with the way you look and it is only your partner pushing you towards plastic surgery, then you should reconsider your taste in men and the relationship. 

A supportive partner would be there for you if you decide to undergo plastic surgery for your benefit, not his. With plastic surgery, the decision always needs to be personal. For example, if you decide to become a blonde or a brunette or a redhead because your partner prefers that hair color, this is one thing. Worst case scenario, you change the hair color and lose maybe a bit of hair in the process. When you are undergoing plastic surgery to please another person, you are subjected to risks that are common for any type of surgery such as infection, deep vein thrombosis, seroma and hematoma, excessive bleeding, and allergic reactions to the anesthetic, among others. The incidence rate for these complications is small. However, there is no reason to be confronted with something so serious just to please another. Moreover, I always ask my patients to consider another aspect of the issue. There will always be someone with bigger breasts or buttocks or more alluring curves. Is this competition good for them? Because if you are getting plastic surgery despite your wishes just to please a partner, you are setting yourself up for a losing game.

A good partner will respect you enough to make your own choices in terms of your physical appearance. Moreover, one person should never force or pressure another into undergoing such massive physical changes just for the sake of his egoistic pleasures. What I often advise my patients to do when they are coming to me after their partners push them towards plastic surgery is to take my medical opinion into consideration and think of their own reasons. Also, ask your partner if he would undergo plastic surgery to please you too.


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