Myths About Fat Transfer To The Butt

30th Oct 2018

Fat transfer to the butt involves the use of your own body fat to enhance your booty. Despite its popularity, there are still some myths about the intervention. Many patients believe those misconceptions. Before going under the knife, it is important for patients to do their research and know the facts about the operation. In this video, I will unveil the common myths about the fat transfer surgery.
Myth 1: Someone else’s fat can be used to augment your butt
There are many patients who lack excess fat in their body and desire to enhance their butt via the fat transfer procedure. As such, they often presume that someone else’s fat could be used to improve their buttocks. This is a complete myth. A board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon would never inject someone else’s fat in your body. The fat for butt augmentation must come from your own body. When someone else’s fat is used, your immune system will reject it, ultimately killing the fat cells.
Myth 2: The fat donor site will become saggy after liposuction
There is this misconception that fat donor sites like the abdomen, sides, and flanks would become loose after fat extraction through liposuction. In most cases, this does not happen. The volume of fat removed from your body will not make your body saggy. If your skin quality is good, it would become firmer instead of becoming saggy after the intervention. In rare cases, the skin may become mildly saggy. For example, if your skin quality is poor or if high volume liposuction is performed on the area, it may make the skin mildly saggy.
Myth 3: You will lose considerable weight after the fat transfer procedure
Some people think the removal of fat from the donor site will result in considerable weight loss. The fact is that the fat removed from the fat donor sites is processed and then injected into the butt. During the processing, the impurities and fluids would be removed. This will not result in considerable weight loss.
Myth 4: Weight loss won’t affect the results of fat transfer to the butt
After the fat transfer procedure, the fat grafts injected in your butt will behave just like the fat in other areas of your body. Weight loss will affect the fat grafts in the same way as it does the fat in other areas of the body. This means considerable weight loss after the fat transfer procedure would shrink your buttocks. You must maintain a stable weight after the surgery.

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