Myths and facts about buttock augmentation with implants

Myths and facts about buttock augmentation with implants

19th May 2021


Buttock augmentation with implants is the most popular type of butt enhancement. Tens of thousands of people undergo this plastic surgery procedure each year in the US alone with the goal to get voluptuous and noticeable backsides. The derriere is an essential area of the female body, and bigger buttocks make you look more feminine, fertile, beautiful, and sexy. Butt implants are artificial objects that are placed into smaller buttocks through incisions so that the buttocks can become bigger and shapelier. 

Butt implants are highly durable, semi-solid objects. They come in different sizes and shapes. Despite being famous, there are many myths that people hold about butt augmentation with implants. Many people believe in those myths, which leads to a poor decision when going under the knife. The best way to know the facts about butt enhancement, be sure to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon. In this article, I am going to discuss the common myths and realities about the procedure. 

Myth 1: Butt implants can rupture and deflate

Fact: The most common misconception about butt augmentation with implants is that the implants can rupture and deflate. Many people don’t even differentiate between butt implants and breast implants. They assume that both are same. The fact of the matter is that butt implants do not deflate or rupture like breast implants, thanks to the robust construction of butt implants. Butt implants are prosthetic objects that are made of medical grade, semi-solid silicone material. 

Butt implants are highly durable and resilient. Weight, pressure, or force cannot result in implant rupture or deflation.  It is for this reason that buttock implants are permanent objects, unlike breast implants. Once you get butt implants, they are going to remain with you for a lifetime if rare complications like implant infection and capsular contracture don’t happen. The results are also permanent, so the next time someone tells you that butt implants can rupture or deflate, you can enlighten them with the facts. 

Myth 2: You have to replace butt implants after ten years

Fact: This myth relates to the first one. Patients are not required to remove and replace butt implants every ten years. It is breast implants that have to be replaced when they rupture and leak. Since butt implants are immune to ruptures and deflations, there is no need to remove and replace them. They are permanent objects and will stay in your buttocks unless rare problems like capsular contracture or implant infection happen that can necessitate their removal. Even in such a case, you can opt to get new butt implants. Butt implants are durable because they do not wear and tear like breast implants. 

Myth 3: Butt implants can cause health problems

Fact: Another common misconception is that buttock implants can cause health problems. But the point is that butt implants have not been linked with any health issue. Many studies have already been conducted about butt implants and health problems, and it has been concluded that butt implants do not cause health issues. Butt implants have undergone many trials, tests, and examination over the years and have been cleared for use in buttock augmentation. 

There are many fake reports over the Internet that butt implants have resulted in health problems. However, those sources are not reliable. To find facts about butt implants, you should go to trusted and reliable sources. The reality is that butt implants have so far not exposed any patient to health complications. They are made of medical grade silicone that is entirely safe for your health.

Myths 4: The buttocks look unnatural after butt implant surgery

Fact: Many people also believe in the myth that the buttocks will always look fake after a butt augmentation with implants. Keep in mind that some specific protocols and steps have to be followed when selecting a butt implant and performing the procedure. Butt implants are available in numerous size options. Many patients think that bigger is always better, so they end up choosing large implants that do not suit their butt dimensions and body outline. 

To get natural-looking buttocks, it is important to choose the implant size carefully. A good plastic surgeon will always help you select an implant size. He will examine your buttocks, measure your butt dimensions, take your BMI into account, and consider your body outline and physical features before recommending you a particular implant size. If the implant size is accentuating these factors, then you are destined to get natural-looking buttocks.

Furthermore, the results of butt implants also depend on the credentials, experience, sense of aesthetics, and artistry of your plastic surgeon. For this reason, it is critical for you to choose your plastic surgeon carefully. Make sure he is board-certified and has many years of experience in buttock augmentation with implants. 

Also, placing the implants (especially large ones) over the gluteal muscle may make the buttocks look unnatural. A good surgeon will put the implants under or within the gluteal muscles so that they can get maximum tissue coverage and make the buttocks look natural. 

Since butt implants are external objects, you cannot expect to achieve 100 percent natural results. If you want 100 percent natural results, you should undergo the Brazilian butt lift instead. 

Myth 5: The buttocks become loose after getting implants

Fact: If your skin quality is good and it is elastic enough, then you should not be concerned about getting loose buttocks after butt implant surgery. However, using butt implants that are too large for your butt dimension may cause your buttocks to be saggy. Large butt implants come with extra weight which can lead to saggy buttocks, especially when you already have saggy buttocks. Loose skin may not be able to bear the extra weight of the implants and hence lose elasticity. 

Except for the cases mentioned above, the buttocks do not become saggy after butt implant surgery. Instead, they would become firmer, bigger, and youthful. You should take care of your skin after the surgery because they are naturally exposed to being loose due to factors like massive weight changes, pregnancy, and aging. 

Myth 6: Skinny patients are not good candidates for butt implants

Fact: Another common myth is that if you are skinny, you are not a good candidate for butt implant surgery. This is not true at all. Many slender patients undergo butt implant surgery to get the buttocks of their dreams. Most skinny patients don’t have enough excess body fat to undergo the Brazilian butt lift, which is why they get implants instead. 

The good news is that since butt implants are available in different sizes, you can get better results when you choose the right implant size. The results will depend on the implant size. Skinny patients should avoid getting large implants. The plastic surgeon can help you pick an ideal implant size that would suit your butt dimensions and body outline. 

Myth 7: Weight change after the surgery will spoil the achieved outcomes

Fact: Weight changes after buttock augmentation do not affect the achieved improvements. Some people are confused between the Brazilian butt lift and butt implant surgery, which is why they think that weight change can affect the results of the latter. The fact is that weight changes affect the results of the Brazilian butt lift, and not that of butt augmentation with implants. However, if you have gotten large butt implants or your skin is inelastic, you should be careful with massive weight fluctuations after butt implant surgery because that can expose your buttocks to sagging. Also, bear in mind that there is nothing bad in maintaining a stable weight even after butt augmentation with implants because doing so will keep your health and body in good health and shape.  

Myth 8: Butt implants deliver temporary results

Fact: As stated above, butt implants are permanent objects. They do not rupture or deflate. As such, the results are also lasting. Once you get the results, they will stay with you for a lifetime unless rare problems like capsular contracture or implant infection happen.  


When looking at the trendy plastic surgery procedures list, you will see that buttock augmentation with implants holds a higher slot. The procedure effectively enhances smaller buttocks by making them bigger and fuller. During the surgery, the plastic surgeon places artificial devices such as implants into the buttocks. Many people believe in certain myths about butt implant surgery. Some of the myths are so common, which leaves patients confused. I have explained those myths and discussed the facts in this article. 

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