Natural breast augmentation

Natural breast augmentation

28th Jan 2020


While the interest for plastic surgery is growing with every year, it is also true that patients are more and more concerned with getting results that look and feel completely natural. So no more Pamela Anderson breasts from the 90s that looked like watermelons, but all-natural results so nobody can even tell you had surgery unless they know it from you.

This fascination with getting natural bigger breasts has resulted into a vast market of products and services that promise to deliver a natural breast augmentation. There are creams, gels, pills, potions, bras, massages, and even physical exercise routines that all say you will get bigger breasts in no time. 

Do they work? If you have a look at the cost of the products and their contents, it makes it difficult to believe that any results would be possible. If breast augmentation could come as cheap as $15 and taking a pill early in the morning, I guess all women would have the breasts of their dreams in no time, and there will be no plastic surgery on the breast performed ever again. Plastic surgery entails risks and potential complications, higher costs, and the patient needs to go through a recovery period during which side effects such as swelling, bruising, pain and discomfort can occur. So why not just take the pill or try the massage to get the full C cup you have always wanted? Because it doesn’t work like this.

Some of the patients I see for the pre-operative consultation for breast augmentation mention about trying different products before understanding that it is only with the help of plastic surgery that visible and sustainable results can be achieved. Some patients say they wanted to resort to plastic surgery from the beginning, but they wanted a natural breast augmentation. It is important to know that the only efficient, safe and durable natural breast augmentation is also performed by a plastic surgeon. 

When a natural breast augmentation is performed, the plastic surgeon will use the patient’s own fat cells to increase the size of the breasts. Keep in mind that the results achieved are indeed all natural and the patient is not confronted with the potential risks and complications associated with the use of implants; however, the type of augmentation achieved is different than when using implants. The shape of the breasts will be natural as fat transfer can make the breasts perkier, but it won’t significantly change their shape. Moreover, the patient should know that with fat transfer, we can expect no more than half a cup to a cup in terms of the increase in the volume of the breasts, provided that the patient follows the rules and manages to keep most of the fat cells that were injected inside the breasts. The results of lipofilling are sustainable as long as the patient avoids weight fluctuations and an ulterior pregnancy. 


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