Natural extracts or plastic surgery to lift the breasts

Natural extracts or plastic surgery to lift the breasts

03rd Dec 2018

Breast sagginess is an issue that affects many (if not all) women at some point in their lives. The condition can be accentuated or occur early on if the patient has overly large breasts, a genetic predisposition towards sagging breasts, or a skin with a poor tonus. Aside from these, we all know that the skin’s elasticity is lost with the passing of time. This means that even if the woman had perky and beautiful breasts in her youth, aging could cause sagginess without any other factors being present. Weight fluctuations, pregnancies, and breastfeeding can also play a role in causing breast ptosis.

As you can see, there are multiple causes behind breast sagginess, hence the number of women affected is considerable. When breast ptosis occurs at quite a young age, the patient might look for different methods to correct it. If you have a look online researching for ways to lift the breasts, you will notice that solutions are available just one click away and at different costs. Natural extracts, creams, and pills meant to elevate your breasts are available for purchase everywhere online and offline. Natural extracts also come with the “natural” tag attached to them, which makes them more appealing to unsuspecting woman.

And if you come to think about it, why not give these natural extracts a try? They are much cheaper than plastic surgery, “natural” as they say, so what can be the harm in this? The reality is that something as simple as a natural supplement can cause a considerable hormonal imbalance in your body. This means that even if you saved some money, you might pay with a different currency for using them and this would be your health.

Generally speaking, the natural extracts that are advertised as having breast lift effects contain herbal hormones that are similar to the hormones in a woman’s body. Take estrogen for example. Dill natural extracts can be high in estrogen. This means that when you are taking the natural extract, your breasts might become firmer and heavier. The consistency might change a bit, but only for a short period of time. Just think of the changes that your breasts go through every month depending on the menstrual cycle. Before menstruation occurs, they can be hard and even painful. Hormones change our bodies, sometimes in subtle ways, other times in more visible ways. What you need to keep in mind is that it won’t be just your breasts that will be impacted by your choice of ingesting natural extracts, but your whole body. Moreover, it is also important to mention that some extracts won’t cause any effects on your breasts or body as the contents of an active substance is very low. If the product is cheap, then the chances are it is harmless and with no effects, and you will still have wasted money for nothing.

Plastic surgery is the only effective solution that can provide permanent results in terms of breast lifting. It is a safe procedure, performed commonly around the world and with incredible results for a vast majority of patients.

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