New Natural Buttock Implants

18th Oct 2018

New, natural buttock implants

The look, feel, and construction of buttock implants have improved over time. The materials used to manufacture butt implants have drastically changed for good. Buttock implants now offer better and more natural results. They are more durable, firmer, and look and feel natural.
A few years back, plastic surgeons used generic implants to augment the buttocks. For example, when the big booty trend first started out, breast implants were initially used to augment the butt. Back then, there was no implant designed specifically for the butt. Soon the market dynamics changed, and implant manufacturers developed implants specifically for the gluteal region.
However, when the gluteal implants were launched, they didn’t feel very natural and were very hard to touch. Since the inception of the first gluteal implants, the implants have evolved to become more organic. At present, buttock implants are soft and semi-solid in construction. They elegantly imitate the natural butt muscle and fat, thus offering enhanced and natural aesthetic outcomes.
Implantech has launched a complete series of gluteal implant brands. They are available in different sizes as well. What makes these implants stand out from the other brands is the fact that it matches the gluteal muscle, tissue, and fat.
Implantech butt implants are soft and need smaller incisions, which means lesser scarring and post-operative swelling. These implants can be easily inserted into the gluteal area, and the surgery involves relatively lower trauma. The implants are made of high-grade silicone polymers and the latest technologies dedicated to buttock implants.
The results of the butt implant surgery also depend on other factors, such as placement of the implants, your aesthetic goals, the size of the implants, and the postoperative care. When the implants are placed within or below the gluteal muscle, your butt will look more natural. On the other hand, the butt may look relatively less natural if the implants are placed over the gluteal muscle.
Also, you should choose the implant size very carefully. Remember, bigger is not always better. Ideally, the implant size should complement your butt dimensions and overall body outline. An implant size that is not suitable for your body outline and butt dimension would make your butt look fake, weird, and abnormal.

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