New Research Reveals Mommy’s Genes Influence Wrinkle Formation

New Research Reveals Mommy’s Genes Influence Wrinkle Formation

10th Aug 2013

Aging varies from one individual to another. Here at our Houston cosmetic surgery practice, we understand that aging is influenced by numerous factors including lifestyle, nutrition, and genetics. A recent study done by the researchers at Karolinska Institute and the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Aging revealed that your mother’s genes play a very important role in the aging process.

Aging Begins at a Cellular Level

While it is already known that the mitochondria (that part of the cell where energy is converted for the rest of the cell structures to use) get a lot of beating and consequently lose their ability to produce energy. Once they stop doing their energy-converting roles, the mitochondria ends up breaking down cells which in turn contributes to aging.

Inherited DNA from Mom

Now that you understand how the mitochondria in each cell influences aging, you might be interested to know that the researchers in the aforementioned study have finally proven that the DNA found inside the mitochondria (these powerhouses have their own DNA, cool huh?) can actually be passed on from one generation to another.

Simply put, if mom had flawless skin even when she was in her 40s, you will most likely have the same status of skin by the time you reach the same age, too. Yet, if wrinkles and fine lines were already apparent in mom’s face by the time she was in her late 20s, there’s a huge chance you’ll have the same fate as well.

While it’s now clear to us that genetics is proven to play a huge role in the aging process, the researchers said that it’s not yet clear whether lifestyle interventions could help reverse the process and it’s an area where further investigation is required.

Measures to Avoid Aging

You’ll probably assume that there’s nothing you can do to stop aging as it’s already written in your genes. However, making an effort to actually look good as much as possible is actually one of the effective ways to delay aging. Consider the following habits:

  • Religious use of sunscreen.

  • A skin care regimen specially designed for your skin type.

  • Consumption of foods that are least processed.

  • Seeing your dermatologist/cosmetic surgeon regularly.

Finding a Qualified Anti-Aging Specialist in Houston

Anti-aging specialist Dr. Cortés will help you achieve your cosmetic goals, whether it’s a subtle change through Botox or dramatic results with a face lift that you’re after. He is always looking for the best way to accomplish his patients’ anti-aging goals by having a keen eye, highly developed skills, an open-minded attitude, and a vast knowledge of the most recent techniques in the art of cosmetic surgery.

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