Nipple sensitivity treatment options

Nipple sensitivity treatment options

22nd Feb 2018

In many cosmetic surgeries involving the breast, the nipple is also affected. Most of the time, the incision site is made around the areola and sometimes with additional incisions towards the base of the breast. These incisions are used in breast reduction and breast lift surgeries. In addition to this, the areola and nipple can also be moved into a higher position in order to make the breast look better. There is a possibility of damaging the nerves responsible for the sensitivity of the nipples. As a result, there can be a change in the sensitivity of the nipple after a breast surgery.

The change in the sensitivity of the nipples can either be a loss or a heightened sensitivity. Both can be very uncomfortable for the patient which is why many search for treatment options available today. Some treatments are easy and may be effective, but there are also others that are not as it will depend on the condition of the patient. Usually, when there is hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity of the nipples after the breast surgery, the nerves attached to it are affected. The nerves can either be slightly or severely damaged.
When the nerves are damaged, the nipples can feel numb or too sensitive to touch. This is usual for a few days to months after the surgery. The nerves cannot function properly again unless they regenerate or repair themselves. This process takes time which is why it can be a while before the nipple sensitivity goes back to normal. For some patients, it only takes a few months while others wait for years before their nipples felt normal again.

In other cases, the changes in the nipple sensitivity don’t go back to normal. These are rare cases when the damage to the nerves is severe and cannot be repaired at all. For now, there is no available treatment for nipple sensitivity, and the only thing that can be done is to allow the nerves to repair themselves on their own.

The change in the sensitivity of the nipples due to breast surgeries is a risk that patients should know about. They should know that it is a possibility and be willing to take this risk. Nevertheless, those who may develop this kind of complication is suggested to provide their body with proper nourishment in order to help the nerves repair themselves properly. This way, they would be able to feel the sensitivity of their nipples normalize again as soon as possible. It is also suggested to choose the surgeon properly in order to help lessen the risk of too much damage to the nerves. The technique used should be well thought of and avoid making the incision on the areola if nipple sensitivity is a great issue for you. Patients are also recommended to choose the right implant for their body since a large implant increases the risk of having this complication.


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