No more pain caused by overly large breasts

No more pain caused by overly large breasts

28th Sep 2018

While many women wish they were blessed with bigger breasts, there are also women who consider overly large breasts as a real curse. This is something that only a woman who has suffered from constant back, neck and shoulder pain can understand.

Nowadays, plastic surgery offers the means to get relief from the pain caused by overly large breasts as they can be corrected surgically. The procedure is called the breast reduction surgery or reductive mammoplasty and is commonly performed everywhere around the globe and in the United States with high satisfaction rates.

Breast reduction surgery is performed mostly for functional purposes and to help the patient have a better life quality by eliminating the cause of pain. Aside from experiencing pain due to the weight of the breasts pushing on the spine, there is also the functional aspect that concerns patients looking to undergo this procedure. In a vast majority of cases, overly large breasts can be a real obstacle in the way of performing certain sports activities and even regular activities around the house. Running and jumping are just some activities that are normal and pose no issues for many people but can be a real struggle for women with big breasts. The patients of breast reduction surgery will discover that with the help of this procedure, there will be no more pain caused by overly large breasts.

During the intervention, the plastic surgeon will excise a part of the mammary gland and also the skin and fat tissue to reduce the size of the breasts. The final size of the breasts to be achieved is discussed during the pre-operative consultation for the breast reduction intervention. Keep in mind that depending on the amount of mammary gland to be removed, breastfeeding can be difficult or even impossible after the procedure. This information is important for women desiring to undergo the procedure before getting pregnant again. It is also worth mentioning that an ulterior pregnancy or a simple weight fluctuation can have an impact on the aesthetic results of the intervention. Of course, your breasts will never be as big as before the breast reduction was performed, but they can become bigger if you gain weight or sagging after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The breast reduction procedure might require up to three surgical incisions, depending on the surgical technique to be used. Again, this is something that will be discussed at length with your plastic surgeon during the initial consultation. The scars can be significant after breast reduction surgery, especially if you are a complex case. This is why it is essential to choose a board- certified and experienced plastic surgeon to play out your intervention and guide you through the recovery process so you can avoid complications and get satisfactory results after the procedure.

Breast reduction surgery can be performed on patients of different ages, even on teenage patients if the development of the mammary gland is complete.

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