Non-surgical butt augmentation methods – do they work?

Non-surgical butt augmentation methods – do they work?

30th Dec 2019


Nowadays people are interested in looking their best and even resort to plastic surgery for this. But if a few decades ago the results achieved with plastic surgery were visible, now patients and plastic surgeons alike are more interested in achieving results that look and feel completely natural. 

The buttocks area is one of the utmost interests for both men and women in modern society. The buttocks are a symbol of sex appeal, so men and women alike want to correct the imperfections of the buttocks such as sagginess and small butts. Before resorting to plastic surgery interventions such as the butt implants surgery, they often try other, non-surgical methods. 

The natural method that patients try to increase the size of their buttock is mostly sports. In some cases, they might even try to put on some weight to make the buttocks look more appealing, but this is never a wise idea as weight gain on the long-term can trigger other health issues. 

Using sports and physical exercises to increase the size of the buttocks is not easy, and if you have a look at professional athletes, you will notice that not all of them have impressive buttocks. The reality is that most of them have small, but toned buttocks that are in line with the rest of their anatomy. When trying to use sports to increase the size of the buttocks, you also need to consider the initial anatomical characteristics and your body predisposition. What does this mean? Well, let’s imagine your buttocks now has a considerable layer of fat and less muscle tissue. If you start exercising regularly and put a lot of effort into this, the chances are that the layer of fat that is now present at the level of the buttocks will be burnt and the muscles will get more toned in the process. Does this mean that your buttocks will get bigger? It actually depends on your natural predisposition, but the chances are that this is not going to happen. More than this, when using physical exercises to increase the size of the buttocks there is something else you need to consider: the results achieved will only be visible as long as you continue to exercise. If you stop exercising, the aesthetic results achieved can be lost in a matter of months, and this can be rather disappointing for many people.

There is just one less invasive and more natural butt augmentation method that is really safe and delivers good results; however, it is also offered by plastic surgery. The procedure is called fat transfer to the butts or buttocks lipofilling, and it entails the use of the patient’s own fat tissue to remodel the rear end area. The intervention can take up to two hours or more to be performed, and the results can be sustained as long as the patient maintains a constant weight in the months and years following the procedure. 


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